Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Foodie penpals - October reveal!

This month I was the lucky recipient of a parcel from Cynni, who lives in the Netherlands. She went to such a lot of effort for me and I have been so excited to share her thoughtfulness!
Before I had even opened the parcel, I was already delighted with just the cellotape sticking my address to the box!
The contents were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper
Cynni had taken the time to hand write me a card and explain all of her choices. I was absolutely thrilled!
 These little gingerbread style biscuits were lovely - an absolute hit with the children.
 These nuts may well be the best tasting nut selection I have ever had - and that's saying something!! I loved LOVED these and they didn't last long...!
I love trying new herbal teas, the first thing I did when I opened the parcel was make a cup of my new tea and eat some nuts. Ideal!
The B'tween bars were lovely, nutty cereal bars - perfect after a workout.

We managed to eat all of the toffee wafer biscuits without me taking a picture, but take my word for it, they were amazing. And the little salad picks are soo cute, I am thinking to use these for some cheese and pineapple snacks!

Thanks so much Cynni.  You prepped me a parcel full of my foodie faves and I loved it.

Here is a sneak peak of the box I sent out to my foodie penpal, the also amazingly named Sarah. For her review of the box I sent, go and check out her blog here.

Thanks for arranging us into ship shape order Carol Ann! Clanettes, go and take a look at her website 'Rock Salt' to see all the other parcels that were swapped this month!


  1. I'm so glad you liked it all. :) The nuts are a real treat here too. They are freshly roasted and coated. I love them too :)

  2. He, love your goodies from the Netherlands. I've yet to hear from someone who doesn't like stroopwafels! ;)

  3. I participated for the first time this month. It was really fun receiving my pen pal's package.
    Looks like you received a terrific package of goodies.
    Happy Halloween!