Monday, October 29, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Final summary

That's it Clanettes! It's done! It's over! The challenge that is Get Fit, Feel Epic is finished!

On Saturday I went to the gym with my friend Suzie and we ran 5k and cycled 6miles, and then on Sunday morning I went out and cycled my final 10 miles.

Please join me as I yell from the roof tops "I reached all of my targets!". I overcame day surgery and 2 weeks of recuperation to come back and absolutely smash it this week, and the pay off is big - I've done what I said I would, I've fulfilled my obligations to myself and I couldn't be happier.

My goals were:
1) Cycle 300 miles during the 8 weeks - I have cycled 301 miles (484km!!)
2) Run 60km (37 miles) in the next 8 weeks - I have run 60km
3) Swim at least 12 times during the challenge - After 4 weeks I swam twice
3) A 45 mile sportive on the 21st October and associated training. Done!

4) Yoga - I am a stretch-a-holic!
5) Eat right - 
80/20 is a win in my book!

I have stats and photos and routes coming out of my ears, but I don't think I need to show you them all for the umpteenth time. This round up is about me and what the challenges have taught me.

What have I learnt? I have learnt that however and whatever you plan for, sometimes it doesn't turn out as you hoped. I had planned on running 7.5k, cycling 35miles and swimming twice a week.. Pretty easy in my head..  I didn't plan on hospital and lack of training. But what I did do was pick myself up, dust myself down and crack on.  So all of my efforts were pretty end loaded, and I certainly didn't expect to have to run 24k in the last week - but that's ok because I got the job done.

Going forward:
  • I think I will stick with a weekly round up. I like seeing what I have achieved, or haven't achieved during the week, it motivates me.
  • I have set up a November challenge on Motoactv but you don't need to use Motoactv to track your training, you could just join me. The challenge is to rack up some miles by running and cycling, and see who can go the furthest in November..  Come on, you know you can beat me!
  • I have realised that running is a mindset. I started running because I wanted to do a triathlon this year. It was a means to an end. By 14k this week I thought I couldn't do it, it just plain hurt, but by 23k with 1k left to do, I knew I could. Now I want to do some interval training to get faster.. I don't think I'll ever be a distance runner, I love my bike too much, but I am pretty sure I can be a faster runner. Long term, 5k in 30mins would be amazing!

And now for my cheesy Oscars inspired acceptance speech:

Thanks so much for spurring me on through the last 8 weeks Clanettes. Thanks to my family and friends, for the babysitting and the encouragement. Thanks to everyone who has read and left me a comment, you have helped me more than you know. Sometimes its easier to receive a compliment from an internet friend who you haven't met in real life, than it is to hear the positive truth from your own family.

I feel amazing right now, hugely epic! I could take on the world - well, after couple of rest days maybe!


  1. Congratulations!!! You did a fabulous job! All your biking adventures were fun to follow. Keep up the amazing work - looking forward to continue reading about your successes :)