Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dressing the house

So Halloween, or Samhaim (Sow-een) as we call it, is a pretty big deal around here.  Prob our biggest Sabbat on the wheel of the year. Traditionally its the last harvest of the year, when our ancestors would have brought in the very last of the crops before the first frosts hit. They would have decorated their houses and paid homage to their own ancestors. More recently it is known as the New Year and the wheels starts again at Yule. The way Paul and I celebrate Samhain has changed somewhat since the days before the Kidlets, although the essence is still there. These days its all about making it fun and memorable for the children, so that even once they have grown up and have chosen their own route through life, they can look back fondly on the traditions Paul and I hold important.

To try and make the 'season' memorable, we try and find seasonal things to do, see and participate in.  This year we went to a Pumpkin festival and although it rained, it was a lovely afternoon, crammed with mahoosive pumpkins, scarecrows and candle making.

The first thing we do at home, to make the 'season' of Samhain fun and light hearted, is to decorate the house.. We add one or two new things each year and we are getting quite a collection now!
A festive plate needs cake!


The most important thing that Paul and I like to remember at Samhain is our connection to our ancestors - to remember where our families came from, and who made us and what we are today. I think a lot of the 'spooky' ideas around Halloween stem from the ancient belief that our ancestors are closest to us, the 'veil' between the living and dead if you like, is thinnest on the 31st October.  We don't see it as spooky though, we have taken to celebrating Samhain a bit like the Mexican festival known as the Day of the Dead, where we spend the day doing exciting, brightly coloured activities, celebrate our family, our ancestors and eat festive food (I shall of course blog about this when we do it!).
I struggle to get a good pic of this, but I made this wall hanging a couple of years ago
Fire place ready for re-decorating Samhain style!
Happy Samhain Clanettes, may your last harvest be great and your family well x x

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