Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIAW #12

Today I am sharing a meal I had with friends yesterday, for Vikki's birthday. We all met at Elle's house and everyone brought a contribution.
I made my fave Butternut and Nut Butter soup, I have blogged about it before (recipe here, the blog post is here) and I got to serve it in my favorite pumpkin themed dish - I'm so ridiculously precious about it that it only comes out around Samhain/Halloween.
Vikki, the birthday girl, is dairy free, so Elle prepped a savoury sausage roll celebratory candle holding, party popping faux 'cake'. Jenni made a beautiful pasta pesto and sundried tomato dish and Magda brought dairy free cake that was out of this world.
Vikki, despite being the birthday girl, made amazing owl cupcakes! The eagle eyed of you Clanettes will know I used this pic yesterday - Vikki brought the cupcakes to my house yesterday and then left them to taunt me (well, Paul!) overnight! 
We all met and became friends through the 'Bosom Pals' breastfeeding clinic, so it seemed appropriate to guest star some beautiful babes.. Top left is Mia and Sofia, top right is Olivia enjoying her lunch, bottom left Mia fancied a snack too and bottom right is Ziggy, polishing off some cake.. If there is such a thing as going 'stag' to such a lunch, aka kidlet-less, then I was 'stag'! Paul is on annual leave this week and wanted some time with Niamh, so off I toddled. Although I still took the pushchair.. too much food, not enough hands!

And this would be us - Me (Obvs!), Elle, Olivia and Vikki, Magda, Jenni and Ziggy. I was disappointed that I managed to look ridiculous with a squint here, but actually, I post so many photos of me looking stoopid or sweaty, that in reality, this pic isn't actually so bad!

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