Thursday, October 18, 2012

One of those days..

I knew how today was going to go before I even got up this morning. Paul was running late, I had one of my silly headaches, the Biglets were squabbling and Niamh was intent in being in the thick of it.

But actually, I've had one of those days.. Not one of those days, but one of those days when you're glad and grateful for everything.

I volunteer at a breastfeeding clinic and pretty much rain or shine, you will find me at 'Busom Pals' on a Thursday morning. After one unsuccessful bash at breastfeeding and two long term and hugely rewarding breastfeeding experiences, I am quite certain that support is the key to a mothers experience. I have had peer supporter training and coupled with the training I had whilst I was enrolled with NCT, means that I have seen a thing or two.
Sometimes I roll up to the clinic feeling jaded and sorry for myself. I have been helping down there for over 4 years and I sometimes feel like a piece of the furniture - over used and under appreciated! Recently we have had to campaign to get the outside play area cleaned and sorted so that our growing toddlers are amused and happy whilst we meet and talk with mothers and their new babies.
Then you get a day like today.
Today I met a third time mother with a disabled newborn. Downs syndrome to be precise, and one of the difficulties with a Downs baby is that they don't have a natural sucking reflex. Added to this they tire quickly, so breastfeeding is not always a natural choice. This mother blew me away with her determination. I came away from clinic today with a re-newed vigour. It seems silly really, but today I felt like I was able to make a difference.  That's why I go and continue to volunteer, and its easy for me to forget that sometimes.

I pretty much skipped home from clinic and Vikki had Niamh for me this afternoon. I was lucky enough to be able to go out for a bike ride and clear the cobwebs away. I cycled over to say a quick hello to Lucy before doing my short lap as quickly as I could. I managed to avoid all the rain and had cleared my headache by the time I was back.

After collecting Niamh and picking up the Biglets from school, I got home to find my foodie penpal parcel had been delivered. I can't go into too much detail until global reveal day, but I was so thrilled.
This month I have found making my own parcel up for my recipient quite tough, because I learnt a lot of lessons last month, and I want it to be perfect. When actually, receiving food that someone else has thought about and prepared especially for you is always perfect.

I quickly made a cup of something or other, and had a little nibble on something else and was able to take stock of my day.

One of those days - one of those great days.
Thanks for reading x x


  1. Love your perspective.
    I have never heard of a breastfeeding clinic. I'm sure your time and efforts are really appreciated :)

  2. :-) Well done on perservering at the clinic Sarah. Sounds like it WAS an amazing day.