Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 5 PART ONE

We are into week 6 of the 8 week challenge, being hosted by by Rebecca over at Weigh Wars.

Its been another quiet week here in the land of Christie, but I am totally back in the game and have a week of steady exercise planned this week. 

My goals:
1) Cycle 300 miles during the 8 weeks - After 5 weeks I have cycled 142.6miles

I took part in a challenging 66 miles sportive last Saturday and I wrote about it here.  I have an exciting session set for tonight and two rides planned next weekend.  I am in the cycling zone!

2) Run 60km (37 miles) in the next 8 weeks - After 5 weeks I have run 31km (19.4mi)
This was my second week with no running, but I have taken postive action and have a day time run set for tomorrow with Lucy - if she can't motivate me to run, no one can!

3) Swim at least 12 times during the challenge - After 4 weeks I swam twice
3) A 45 mile sportive on the 21st October and associated training. Definitive training starts tonight but I can't say too much until tomorrow!
4) Yoga - I have eased myself gently back into my stretches this week and feel good about it.
5) Eat right - I have had a mixed week. I am definitely not eating normally, but I'm getting there!

The challenge: Think about your favourite TV show, think about things that regularly happen during it, workout an exercise routine based on those things. For example if you were watching the Big Bang Theory I would say everytime Sheldon knocks for Penny do 3 push ups, if Rajesh can't talk do 10 jumping jacks etc etc. Once you've worked out your routine post it and do it! If you can record your calorie burn do it and post it. Kind of like a drinking game but way better for you.
Well!  Due to diary and commitment clashes with my fellow tv workout routine-er, I am about to complete this challenge tonight and I will post tomorrow in 'Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 5 PART TWO'. Lets just say I am very excited about the plan and can't wait to share it with you!!
This weeks challenge!  This week it's push ups. They are a great functional movement and you can improve your strength really quickly.
Day 1 - Do as many push ups as you can. 

Day 2 - 6 - Try and add more each day
Write down all your results and your progress all through the week!

Eeeek! I hate push ups!!  BRING IT ON!!!


  1. You're making great progress towards reaching your goals!
    Good luck with Week 6! :)