Saturday, October 27, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - You can do it!

Its fair to say I am feeling the wear! I am seriously fatigued! I am fit for me, fit for my life, however I am not fit in the greater sense of the word. I'm a 5k run, one decent bike ride, couple of swims a week kinda girl.. I am not a 19k down 5k still to run kinda girl..!
But as Rob Schnieder would tell Adam Sandler - You can do it! So come on Clanettes, yell encouragingly at your computer/phone/generic hand held device "Come on Sarah, you can do it"

On Monday, my mini goals for the next 6 days, in order to complete the GFFE challenges I set 8 weeks ago, were:
Run 17km (10 miles)
Cycle 36 miles

I posted on Thursday, detailing my 7k beach run and 15 mile (17 actually once my route was uploaded) bike ride, leaving 10k to run and 19miles to cycle..

Paul is still on annual leave and today, whilst the biglets were at school and Niamh played with her besty, he took me to his gym to motivate me through a workout with him. I ran 5k, cycled 4 miles and just for the stretch, I followed it up with swimming 16 lengths. IT WAS HARD.

My thighs are  r e a l l y  feeling it, so we started with the run just to get it the hell over!
Then I needed to get 4 miles done on the spinning bike, to make sure that I have my distances covered off - the handle bars and screen look a bit different to my road bike!
What I really love about Paul's gym (MUCH posher than mine!) apart from the shampoo/conditioner/shower gel that is provided in the showers, is the touch screen music videos on the treadmill.

As we hit the weekend, with 2 days left, I have 15 miles to cycle and 5k left to run.  Not a particularly stretching weekend for me - usually - but I am so so weary that I questioned myself this afternoon. When on earth have I ever done anything like this before? And what on earth am I doing right now? Why do I neeeeed to achieve the targets I set myself??

Its so important to me because its another milestone. Further proof of the distance I have travelled from the me I didn't want to be anymore, at the start of the year. The shallow truth of it, is that I look at the photos of me on the spinning bike above and I don't recognise myself. I certainly don't see her when I look in the mirror. She looks like a slim lady, one who keeps herself in shape, she would possibly be someone I might look at in the gym and admire. Surely that's not me?

So. 15 miles on my bike. 5k in my trainers and a whole heap of self esteem. See you at the finish line x x


  1. Good luck with the last few kilometres - you're going to feel amazing when they're finished:)

    And you look fantastic on the bike. I've only been following your blog for 8 weeks, so don't really know your whole back story, but you're an incredibly energetic, driven and positive person. Really inspirational too!

    Have a great weekend, and remember to reward yourself for hitting those goals!

  2. Wow! I am so inspired by your dedication and motivation! You are and have been doing a fabulous job!!

    1. PP, I really appreciate that you always take the time to comment. Thanks for reading my little old blog xx

  3. You look AMAZING Sarah, I really can't wait to see you in the flesh again, it has been so long and you are half the physical person you were when we last met, but more importantly, your drive and accomplishment of your fitness goals really helps drive ME on too, so thank you! (I just wish I were interested in indoor (ie gym) running and cycling - swimming in a pool is hard enough.... I just like being outside, preferably in the sun!! Winter is here, I struggle to stay motivated - keep blogging... and if you join a new challenge, let me know - I may just join you nex time :-)

    1. *more blushes*, you're very motivational yourself Jo! Thank you xxx