Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 5 PART TWO

Last night I went Turbo training with Rachel, in her garage!  This was my version of last weeks GFFE challenge - work out to a TV progamme.  We cycled to an episode of 'Supernatural'.  In laymans terms a 'turbo' is a treadmill for a bike, allowing you to mount your bike in such a way that you can ride it without going anywhere. Perfect for dark winter evenings, when you want the best of both worlds - a bike ride AND the TV!
You can see here that the bike is mounted on a roller and spins as you pedal.  You can increase the resistance by squeesing the cable seen here on the floor attached to turbo on the right -once the bike is in position, the cable sits on the handle bar for ease of use.

 It gets quite hot work!  Two fans make for a cooling breeze, and the TV was a great distraction.
And my turbo partner in crime, Rach, known to the Kidlets as Rae Rae.

I really enjoyed to the session and look forward to many more over the winter!
GFFE is hosted by by Rebecca over at Weight Wars.


  1. Your friend has the same bike as me :-) Can't say I see the atraction of turbo's but they do make sense if you want to keep on riding! (Pretty much put my bike away for it's usual winter hibernation!) Enjoying progress, as ever.

  2. That's a great idea! Fun that you had a partner to ride with as well :)