Thursday, October 11, 2012


Since we hit The Bers my list of 'things' to sew and make has got longer and longer and pretty soon I am going to run out of time.. The joys of procrastination!!

The number one thing people ask me to make and buy is still bunting, and I had a great project last week with an order for 'Cameron' bunting, specifically in yellow and blue, with triangle flags.

I use Bondaweb for my applique detail - in this case the lettering.  It uses the same principle as wondaweb, but comes in a big roll and feels like tracing paper.

The biggest lesson with Bondaweb is to remember to do everything backwards, so that when you iron it onto the first fabric, and turn the fabric over and cut out your deisgn to iron on to your second fabric, its facing the right way!

I have been doing this for a long time now, so I have a lot of templates.  The alphabet for example, I have ready printed in upper and lower case.  To remind me to do it backwards I have notes all over the templates.

In the beginning too, my flag sizes weren't quite right for the size of my lettering, so now I have ready cut templates to the flags to size.

Setting up for a bunting making session doesn't take a lot of time these days.  Good news for me!
 Once I have cut out my applique detail, again in this case the detail is letters, I peel the Bondaweb back off, stick it to my second fabric and iron it on.  Hey presto.
 Then its just a matter of the applique sewing, and then the flags are ready to be sewn together and turned the right way for pressing.
 I generally always make my own bias binding these days, seen here as the 'ribbon'. I posted about the day I learnt to make binding here - very exciting for me!

Then its just a matter of sewing the triangle flags inside the bias binding.  And Roberts your mothers brother!

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