Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Mid week update!

Happy Thursday Clanettes!

Thanks again to Weight Wars and for hosting this challenge!

I talked about completing my goals on Monday, GFFE ends this weekend and when I posted on Monday I had 36 cycling miles and 17 running kilometres outstanding..

Along with discovering I enjoy being slimmer, cycling, running and swimming this year, I also discovered that I like making a goal.. Meeting a target.. Arriving at a destination.

There is no way I could let GFFE end without trying my absolute hardest to make up for the two weeks I had out whilst I was recuperating from my hospital stay.

To this end, I have so far cycled 15 miles this week, and I ran 7k yesterday. The rest of my week includes a 5k run on Friday, a 19 mile bike ride on Saturday and then another 5k run on Saturday.. If I can achieve this, I will have achieved everything I set out to achieve 8 weeks ago.

To help me on my way yesterday, whilst the biglets were at school, Paul and Niamh took me to the beach to give me a new and different run route, they took loads of lovely pics of me looking especially sweaty and then treat me to breakfast in a lovely Cafe - you guessed it, whilst I was especially sweaty! I LOVED IT!
We drove to Lee-on-Solent and I briefly warmed up in the car park, whilst Paul and Niamh prepared to hit the beach..
And off I plodded. Can we all join me in my mini whooping - here is proof that I have a calf muscle!  The first time I have ever seen it! Hello Mr Calf Muscle!
3.5k out, 3.5k back, and I was delighted to find I had been 5 mins quicker then I was on Monday.
7k in 50 mins is a GREAT time for me! (I love the irony of me here, running over a 'no cycling' sign.. No cycling? Gasp! Sacrilege!)
Then, with me looking my best in day-glo, I was whisked off to the tea shop, where we had lattes and apple juice and shared scrambled eggs on toast - the egg is evident in Niamh's mouth above! Paul partook in a bacon sandwich.

If you read my blog often, you will know that I love tracking stuff and recording my progress and congratulating myself - and why not! But what I discovered today is that Daily mile is a very handy tool in this process.

I use Daily Mile because I like the blog widget I have over there, on the right hand side, back at the top of the page ---->

This screen shot shows all my runs since I embarked on the GFFE 8 week challenge..

You can clearly see I am getting faster! I was fluctuating around the mid 8 min kilometre back in Sept, and now I hover around the low to mid 7min kilometre.. I can not tell you how this kind of statistic makes me immensely happy! Proof that me flogging myself is paying off! Ha ha ha, good job you already know my little nuances eh, or you'd start thinking me a weirdo....!

And just because they also offered me this info, here are some more daily mile stats relating to my running over the last 8 weeks:

50.36 Total KM
6.50 Total Time
2 Lbs Burned
9 Total Workouts
0.00 Around World
89.17 TVs Powered
1.65 Gas Saved
52.93 Donuts Burned

Anyway, I digress. Upshot is, I had a lovely time yesterday and I am determined to complete my GFFE goals this week - come hell or high water and other Kidlet related challenges!


  1. Way to go for hitting your goal!

  2. What a great morning:) It's such a good feeling when your running times improve - it totally makes all the bad runs worth it, and the good runs even better.

    Do you do any interval or tempo work at all? It's a great way to quicken your pace.

    It must be lovely to live so close to the beach. That's one of the things I really miss about Dublin. The Thames is lovely but it's just not the same as the sea.

    1. I am starting to think about interval training to increase my pace, raeady for the start of the season next year.
      Where abouts on the Thames are you? I used to live in Henley :-)

  3. Terrific job! Loved the photos - you looks so enthusiastic and energized :) You've done an amazing job throughout this challenge!

  4. Great pics :-) Brilliant run xxx