Friday, October 26, 2012

Ho Ho Ho! Festive Fabric Fun!

Last month I wrote about my Mincemeat making party, I normally make my mincemeat in August but I was late this year and with Paul away on RAB I decided to throw a party and get my friends involved.. Weirdo's that they are, they seemed to enjoy it and the idea of a festive get together to prep Crimble 'stuff' once a month until Christmas, was born..

Last night we got all Kirsty Allsop on our fun. Kirsty is my tv alter-ego I think.. She ticks all of my homemaker checklist. Anyway. I made some of these hearts last Christmas
Inspired by Kirstys' heart garland
Heart shaped garland 

Last night we got our sew on
My dining table still has the snowflake cloth on it from the mincemeat bash and it will stay on now til Spring I think! I got out my Christmas fabric stash, and I was very lucky to be given a fabric injection by Mrs Franks.
It was a fusion night... My house is dressed for Samhain/Halloween, all my Samhain crockery is out.. and we were eating mincepies.. I think it worked though! (And don't think I haven't noticed that all my posts recently include indulgent food! Its a good job I am working so hard on my GFFE goals eh!)
 First mincepie of the year! And very nice it was too!
This was an amazing Christmas tree shaped dairy free biscuit, topped with lemon curd (my favorite preserve!) and then meringue..

Elle was sew enthused she even brought her own sewing machine, which she had never used before and got busy. Can we all just note that bikes are important for all parts of life - even sewing.. please note the canny use of my bike light helping Elle thread her machine!

Clocks go back tomorrow night - Christmas is a comin'!

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