Monday, October 22, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 8

Its the last week! We have flown through this 8 week challenge and I have really enjoyed myself, seeing what everyone else has been up to and keeping myself motivated!

Re-capping my goals:
1) Cycle 300 miles during the 8 weeks - as we head to the finish line I have cycled 264.32 miles
I am so delighted with myself and I am entirely confident I can manage 36 miles this week!

This was a brief leg stretcher last Thursday
 This was a pretty epic hilly sportive!! I am yet to blog of yesterdays exploits, but its coming!

2) Run 60km (37 miles) in the next 8 weeks -  I have run 43km as we hit the final days (26mi)
I ran 7k this morning, and because it was before I wrote this narrative, I am going to shoe horn it into last week. 

3) Swim at least 12 times during the challenge - After 4 weeks I swam twice
3) A 45 mile sportive on the 21st October and associated training.
Oh yeah! done and done!! And can you please note the size of this hill! I had to get off for a section of it and walk - utter madness!

4) Yoga - I am a stretch-a-holic!

5) Eat right -

Your challenge this week: A good old fashioned scavenger hunt...take pictures of  (and be inventive)
1. You after a workout

This was me this morning after running 7k! Sweaty!

2. A piece of fitness equipment
Our foam roller. Paul discovered this on the RAB. It basically allows you to massage yourself by rolling on it.. genius!

3. Where you sleep
Our bed, covered in my beloved eiderdown, a gift from my sister. I sleep on the left, my pillow is lower than Paul's because I have an amazing memory foam thing - he doesn't. You can just make out the wall hanging behind the bed which was made my the amazing Lucy with the help of my other Friends for my blessingway, aka babyshower, for Niamh.

4. Favourite Movie
 Best film EVER!

 5. Your source of inspiration
I inspire me. These medals inspire me - yes they are just finisher medals, but I earnt them, I started some things that I often wondered if I'd be able to finish, but by jingo I did. I am proud of myself!

6. Something that makes you happy
 A well thought out, expertly executed and amazingly decorated cupcake makes me happy!

7. Nature
My Mabon wreath made from nature, hangs on my front door

8. Something you've grown or created

This is my favorite piece of 'art' that we still have in the house. I love this wall hanging and it sits above the computer desk.

9. Something you really should stop
 My chocolate addiction needs work!

10. Something new that you love
If there was a fire, and Paul and the children were safe, I'd grab my boots and my bike and high tail it!

Its the last week Clanettes! I have some big plans - I am going to try and make the mileage I laid out in the beginning.. so I have 36 miles to cycle and a few miles to run..  CAN I DO IT? YES I CAN! Watch this space for a round up next week and my thoughts on what to do next x x


  1. You've done AMAZING! Well done on working towards your goals :)
    Good luck with this final week!
    Love the photos :) I can't wait to get a foam roller. I'm on the lookout!

  2. I love your charts. You've done fantastically well in your goals.

    Elf is an epic film.

    I'm liking the sexy new boots.

    And the foam roller I think I need to get me one to massage my back.

    Have another great week.

  3. You are doing so amazingly well ! I love/hate the foam roller. The pain.

    1. Its a definite love/hate relationship here too - oh the pleasure.. oh the pain! lol x

  4. Oh my Reeces are my favourite too. I mean seriously, there is nothing better.

  5. A HUGE well done on getting those distances covered - it's a really great achievement. I LOVE Elf too, I'm so excited that it's nearly Christmas and time to watch it again:)

    Good luck with the last week of the challenge and squeezing your last few miles in.

  6. You're doing great on the challenge, and I love your photos! I have to admit, I hate my foam roller, but my physiotherapist has me using a tennis ball on my tight shoulder, and it's fab!

    Love your boots too!

  7. Well done on your progress so far! And you're right - that's some hill!!!Fantastic work x

    I love Elf too. At any time of year. Never fails to put a smile on my face :-)