Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Penpals #1 - September reveal!

Clanettes! Finally its reveal day! I have been soooooo excited to share this post with you!  Through my trails across the land of blog and my devotion to the idea of 'What I Ate Wednesday', I came across 'Foodie Penpals' and just had to have a go. 

The original idea was by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean, but she is in the US and the idea has gone global, so us English types can have a go by joining in at This is Rock Salt.  Anyway. You sign up, you get assigned a partner, you email them to see what kind of food they do or don't like and can or can't eat and then you send them a parcel full of their faves.  Simples.

I have been treat like a queen this month by the lovely Anna Weatherhead.  Once I have a blog link for her, I will insert it here so I can send you over to have a look at her.  I can still gush about her in the mean time! When asked about my faves, I pretty much told Anna that I am nuts about nuts!  She went nuts.. ha ha..  She got it so spot on!

This is what greeted me upon opening my box.
Anna had taken the time to hand write me a note, bake me some AMAZING peanut and cranberry cookies, prepare me some chilli nuts and some salt and vingegar chickpeas. She had also thought to include some fruit snacks for cycling, vanilla pods for baking and some kitchen labels.  I can't tell you how delighted I was with my parcel.
The cookies were just perfect on every level.  The balance of sweet, salt and nut.  I have since emailed Anna for the recipe and these will appear in my house again - I might have to pay them forward to my next Foodie Penpal.
I loved that Anna had taken the time to send me food ideas I hadn't tried before.  I had never thought of trying chickpeas like that, and I really enjoyed them!
 These chilli nuts were super hot!
These lables ticked all of my home-maker boxes. I will stuggle to use them because then I won't have any left!

This is the box I sent to my Foodie Penpal, Christine.
If you're interested in seeing what she thought about my food box, go and take a peek at what Christine has to say about the parcel I sent her, over at Diary of a Dashing Fashionista.

If you're even vaguely intrigued - go and sign up!!  Getting a food parcel through the post is the most exciting thing EVER!
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  1. Those chili nuts look so yummy! Just hopping around from Foodie Pen Pals checking out everyone's boxes! :)

  2. Salt and vinegar chickpeas - yum! A great parcel.