Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIAW #11

Instead of showing you yet another picture of the porridge we eat in the morning (we are still eating the porridge we prep the night before!), I thought I would share some pics of the lovely meal my friend Magda cooked for me and a couple of friends last Friday. They were all kind enough to put up with my paparazzi imitations whilst we ate!
I like to think I'm a thoughtful guest, so I took Magda some of my absolute favorite treats and I even put some ribbon round it.. Good guest points ahoy!
Magda had clearly put a lot of time and effort into cooking for us, and we were greeted with wine, candles and lots of ambience.
To start our meal she had made what she calls 'pate rolls' and I'm not sure what the Polish/English translation is, but I am sure that these pastry and mushroom rolls were AMAZING!
Absolutely perfect to dip into this beautiful beetroot soup.  As I understand it you cook the beetroot in stock, strain it and then serve the liquid.  Just gorgeous.
Here is Magda serving up our main course
Served with dauphinoise potatoes, with a cheesey chicken, salami and bacon stack. Just an amazing meal.
 Vikki brought baby Olivia, and as you can see, Olivia enjoyed her meal too!!
Oh look, we retired to the living room for pudding and somehow I managed to take a photo of my new boots!  Hello boots!
Pudding was out of the this world. Magda had made a trio of mousse's, and they were so rich and creamy and fabulous.
 I was beyond full, but it was so tastey I just had to keep nibbling a little bit more
Until I eventually admitted defeat and Magda kindly packed the last of the mousse into a doggy bag and I took it home for Paul.

Thank you Magda, you went to such a lot of effort and I really enjoyed myself - amazing food and good company x x


  1. Cute boots! :)

    We can never walk away from family gathering without getting fandangled into taking home an enormous pile of food. It's not just you :D Plus, that mousse looks amazing.

  2. Loving the mouse pudding. It looks and sounds delicious :)

  3. Great pix as always - looks like you had a great time :)

  4. Yum! Beautiful pictures! I always nibble on food after dinner, too! Especially if it's as delicious as that pudding looks!