Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Seeing the consultant yesterday has really thrown me into a tail spin and I am feeling very over whelmed. I had not expected to be so fearful of the road to recovery!

As ever, there is always a time and place and everything has its purpose though, and I was reminded last night that coincidences often happen for a reason.

Last night, the full moon, there was a world wide Womb Blessing atunement (see here http://www.wombblessing.com/), where over 30,000 women joined to share a meditation and give and receive energy. How timely that it should fall on an evening when I could really do with a little boost.

I attended the first Womb Blessing at the Yoga Sanctuary last August with Lucy (and weirdly, looking at posts around then, I don't think I mentioned it! Shocking!! How bizarre what you think you talk about and what you actually do!). Since then more and more women have got involved and there is now an atunement every couple of months.

The coincidence here is that this is the first one I have felt utterly compelled to do, since my first experience last August. Lucy was worried that I might not want to go ahead after my stressful day, but it was exactly what I needed and we had a great evening, with lots of talking and sharing.
Am I unique in wanting to be aware of more? I am often surprised at how much I need a spiritual opportunity in my life, and how much I miss it when I don't achieve it as often as I would like. I guess the more unsettled I feel with the world at large, the more I retreat and re-connect with myself and my own ancient wisdom.

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  1. I think it's perfect - step back, take a moment, find a way to settle yourself before you move forward. The candle settings look lovely!