Thursday, February 7, 2013


Firstly, thanks so much for the overwhelming response and feedback you gave me to my last post. I am Back in the land of blog, and looking positively at my consultant appointment tomorrow. Thank you Clanettes x x

Now then! Yesterday I got offered and I accepted a job and I AM SO THRILLED WITH MYSELF! call themselves the baby experts and they are moving from only being online, into the real world and are opening 5 mega stores across the UK. One of which happens to be 1.5 miles from my house - PERFECT!

Getting the job was a 3 stage progress - I applied online, answering a few short questions and uploading my CV. Then I was emailed to say I would be surprised with a telephone interview - which was hideous and I felt sure I had done awfully, but no, they then emailed me again, and invited me to a 2.5hr recruitment event where I had a 1-2-1 interview, a 1-2-1 role play with a different individual and then a group task building some baby equipment.. The whole thing was pretty daunting and at the recruitment event we were told that 800 had applied in total! Of those 800, 600 people got telephone interviews, 240 people were invited to the recruitment event and that there were only 80 jobs available.. I am pretty proud of myself right now!

I am starting on an 8hr contract on the 'Welcome desk' (customer services), which is perfect to get me back in the employment game after 5 years at home. I will work one weekend day, which is also perfect because I don't have to worry about childcare because Paul will be there and I also get to work with a friend of mine who I chat about all the time, but who is currently handing in her notice elsewhere and who shall remain anonymous for the time being.

The store opens in April and I will start work at the beginning of March, training up and working to get the store ready. My anonymous friend found this little review today, on another blog entitled 'Daisy the cloth bum mum' and I thought I'd share it. I'm so exited - have a read about the lakeside store here.

The recruitment drive was really inspiring and I feel like Kiddicare is a perfect way for me to move from volunteering at the clinic (which I still plan to do) and naturally step stone my way into employment and still offer help to new parents. What I'm most excited about is the career prospects, and the Kiddicare values about promoting from within, who knows what I can achieve.

Right now though, I'm so delighted to have the opportunity to earn a little cash and have a change from 7 days a week at home. Oh and the various types of discount too.

So yeah, tee hee, I'm a smug one right now. Thanks for reading x x


  1. That's awesome news!!! Congratulations!!! :D

  2. You have every right to be feeling smuggity smug smug smug. Big fat amaze job congrats balls!! x