Monday, February 18, 2013

Sum it Up on Su.. er.. Monday!

Apologies for the delay Clanettes! Yesterday was manic and I have so much to share that I didn't manage to finish writing everything before the day was over. So Sum it Up on Monday it is this week!

I signed all my contracty bits with Kiddicare today and I start on Sat 23rd March. I'm hugely excited!! As part of my contract, I'm obliged not to talk about them online, so from now I may refer to work, but I won't really be talking about them again - except to say I'm sure they're going to be a great employer and I looked forward to a long working relationship with them!!

Lucys birthday and crafting today - see last weeks post here.
It was also pancake day and Paul cooked an amazing pancake tea -  courtesy of Jamie's 15 minute meals.
Niamhs birthday! See that post here. Thank you for such lovely feedback on Niamhs birth story. It was a great experience and I was very lucky - I would always recommend a midwife!!

Valentines day and MRI day! Paul worked from home today, so I could go to the hospital this afternoon. Paul and are aren't particularly romantic, we know we love each, we know its for this life and the next, but its not something we express all the time. I was totally shocked and thrilled with 3 little parcels and a beautiful card this morning. Then dinner too!
Paul admitted he loves me more than bike - BIG admission.. bhahahahaha!
 This is a print by Josephine Wall - The tree spirit and the dryad - see here.
Salmon en Croute (My fave meal of all time!) with asparagus and edamame beans.
 Washed down with sparkling wine and a cheeky lemon mousse for pud. Thank you Paul xx

The MRI was dull. The traffic was the most hideous bit, and I don't find anything out til next Monday 25th. Fingers crossed - although I don't know if I am more worried that they WILL find something, or that they WON'T..? You know..?


Inset day - the kidlets and I went out about, see that post here.
Saturday and Sunday
All three kidlets went to stay with Rae Rae and Chester over night on Saturday! Paul and I dropped them off at 2pm and collected them at 11am the following day..! We dropped them off, then went to Paul's gym for a swim, before heading to Sainsburys/M&S for a spot of browsing and dinner choosing, before renting 'Taken 2' and having a quiet night. I still awake stupidly early on Sunday morning, mooching around a bizarrely silent house! We cooked a nice breakfast and then Paul set off to run back to Rachel's and I left a while later in the car.. He ran his first half marathon! So proud of him!! 13.1miles!!

Thank you so much Rach and Chez, they had such a brilliant time and are brimming with the excitement from a sleep over at your house.

After we had collected them, we all went back to Paul's gym and went swimming. We then dashed home so that I could get to my last swimming lesson.

A great last session it was too. Chris, the instructor, commented on my breast stroke 'I would be hard pushed to find another swimmer in a normal lane swim doing a better technique..' Thanks very much! I feel so much better about the strokes really, and I just need to keep my practice up. I was the only one bumped up to the advanced group if and when I book anymore. I have LOVED the sessions! I will def book again.

So that was us next week. Another week of no exercise. I ache to get back on my bike, or go out for a run and I am looking forward to moving forward with the consultant next week.

Today we mostly...

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