Monday, February 11, 2013

Recipe #3 and #4

When the chips are down (yes, I am referring, as ever, in yet another whinging tone, to my Back) I like to eat nice food! (This is actually a problem at the mo because I am doing zero exercise yet I am eating as if I am.. uh oh! Not to worry, I will rectify this at some point, but not right now)

So. Nice food. Aka Jamies 15 minute meals!  This weekend we tried two new dishes.

Mexican tomato soup, chilli nachos, veggie & feta sprinkle

Finding the recipes online is impossible, so you'll just have to take my word for it - amazing! The soup was basically veg and rice, cooked in passata with coriander, chilli and lime, and a minty yoghurt topping. Then tortillas baked with cheese - perfect for dipping in the soup, and the whole thing really did ring with Mexico (she says, I have never been!) and the children ate it too.. Although this may have had more to do with the promise of more tortilla's if they ate their soup!

Sausage Fusilli with Creamy Garden Salad
The Sausage pasta was so tasty! The base of the sauce was made using jarred peppers and balsamic vinegar.  I served it with a ripe avocado salad. Absolutely perfect! (Is there anything better than a prefectly ripe avocado, with lashings of salt? The creamiest, tastiest, savouriest best thing ever!) (Like a hard boiled egg, another great savoury food, smothered in salt of course!)

The best bit about these meals, and yes I know I gush, and no, I'm not on commission, is that they are so so quick to make and his portions are good - currently a 4 adult portion meal will feed the 5 of us nicely.. I realise this will change before too long.. Lochie already eats more than me when I'm on point  :-)

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  1. Ha ha I still occasionally kid myself that we eat a 4 person menu.... and then wonder why I don't have enough! In denial about children growing up...!

    1. Ha Jo! I have recently started realising that I probably don't have enough 'main' to feed everyone and so have to add in an extra 'side'..!