Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sum it Up on Sunday

Third successive week of no exercise.

I spent most of Monday with Vikki and Jenni and the babies, before going into school to see Lochie do a story telling of the three little pigs with his classmates. It was lovely to be in school, and Niamh really enjoyed the session.
We didn't go swimming in the evening, instead I went to see Lucy and she thai massaged my poor weary back.

I  babysat Livvi for Vikki, whilst she took Barney to his opprtunites group. Emma had Niamh in the afternoon for me, and I was able to spend some down time just resting.

I accompianed Vikki to the Hospital for Barneys second blood tests, and she writes about it here. It wasn't a nice thing to have to do, but it was nice to be able to support you Vikki xx
After school the Bigs had their usual swimming lesson and I was delighted to watch Bebe do front crawl! Its messy, its basic, its not really front crawl, but its so recognisable that it is actually front crawl! I love how they love to swim, and I love that I really get how much they look forward to their lessons now too.

Oh yeah, and I got myself a job! (if you missed the post, see here! Where were you?!)

Em, Dan and Leif visited today! We went to Ikea! A great day! The trouble with Ikea, is that you just don't know what you need, til you see it. Today I NEEDED these little lights for my kitchen window
I nipped over to see Elle in the evening, and nearly 2 bottles of wine later (eeeek!) we had a go at some glass painting!  She makes it look sooo easy, and it really isn't. I have proved this!

Lucy had Niamh for me and today I went to see the Orthopeadic Back specialist. Here is an exerpt from an email I sent to my family afterwards.. "Lovely man, I basically cried at him for 20 mins whilst he read through my comprehensive list of things that I cant do and cause me pain. MRI booked for next thurs. He does see women with links between menstrual bleeding and back injuries! He has promised me I wont have to live with it for the rest of my life. I will go back and see him once he's looked at my MRI results. I may have fallen in love with him a little" A very postive outcome - just as well, because I think my Back is getting worse.

And on a doubly postive end to the day, Bebe was awarded a certificate for excellent work and behaviour. I'm so proud of her!
Kinday as mentioned yesterday!

A lovely quiet day at home, I got some birthday baking done, and we made up some party bags - I can't quite believe that Niamh will be 2 years old this week! 
I had my penultimate swimming lesson this evening and I am an update behind - I shall remedy this immediately.. Watch this space!

Happy Sunday Clanettes, have a good week x x

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