Friday, February 15, 2013

Inset day

The Biglets are on half term next week, and today was an inset day. Lucy and I enjoyed our crafting session at Bellacrafts so much on Tuesday, that we decided to take the children (She has two girls) this morning, and make a day of it with a picnic and a riverside walk afterwards - we were rewarded with sunshine! Normally our half term jaunts are on the wettest of days.
 Making full use of the 7 seats!
At home, Lochie is quick to be distracted from crafting, by the TV or the computer or his tablet and so it was fabulous today to see him get so involved in his creations.
Niamh handily fell asleep with the help of Lucy, and so she got a rejuvenating nap in - perfectly timed!
Bebe is an avid drawer, painter and creator and she has full reign on our craft supplies at home. It is usually the first thing she does when we have down time.
After a picnic lunch we had a fab sunny walk by the river in Winchester, alongside St Catherines hill. Just perfect! The path is great and I want to bring Paul and kidlets bikes back to this spot!
 Niamh got in on the action and everyone had soon stripped off their coats.
 Sisters xx
Trying to get a decent group shot was difficult! As was trying to get a self portrait with the Bigs!
 That face Bebe!!
Much better!

A great day, and some well worn out children! Phew. Just enough time for a coffee at Lucy's before home time and tea.
Next week is half term and we have a busy week scheduled, which I will obviously share with you in detail!

Happy half term Clanettes x x

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