Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lucy's birthday

Happy Happy Birthday Lucy! Happy Birthday Lucy!

Two years ago today, I was in labour and Lucy and I were hoping against hope that Niamh would arrive and give Lucy the best birthday present ever.. Instead she (Niamh) waited a bit and arrived just over an hour into the 13th of Feb (Happy birthday Holly!). Today it meant that we could spend a happy grown up day crafting, because Niamh's birthday is tomorrow.. The best of both worlds and cake two days running.. Win win!

Last year I spent a huge amount of time on sewing a quilted bed runner (see here) for Lucy, and I inadvertently set a crazy birthday trend that neither of us could sustain - how do you go bigger when you've already done the biggest? So this year we agreed to keep presents and treats to manageable proportions.. I took this literally and decided that I wouldn't make Lucy anything..

Cue Elle, the lovely Elle from down the road, the amazing Elle, mother of Mia, the fabulous Elle of 'Aelfen: Hand painted wonderment!' fame. Elle! Thank you, you spent so much time on these glasses and I am so grateful! Lucy loved them! Yay! Mission accomplished!!
We took the designs from their website Nada Sound Therapy and Elle painted them into being. (As an aside, go take a look at Dave's website, have a look at the photos running on his home page - if you wait long enough, through the slide show, you can clearly see the bunting I made him strung above the gong in the treatment room. And I made the testimonials page! Take a look here - could I have been less concise? Or more excited? LOVE!)

Anyway, anyway. Today we went to Bella Crafts and got our craft on!
 Left to right - Me, Lucy, Holly and Holly's mum, Maggie
 Maggie, and Lucy's mum, Pat. (Hi Pat if you're reading!)
 Holly and Maggie
 Me and Lucy (notice all the cake was at our end of the table!)

 There were several options for craft and I chose Decopatch. So easy - see here.
 Basically just gluing tiny pieces of paper to cover something..
My new money box is now happily nestled on my kitchen windowsill with a few of my other precious items.
I made some coffee and walnut muffins as a contribution to take along, because they are Holly's faves and I wasn't expecting to like them - thought they would be quite bitter... But no, actually.. Hello coffee and walnut muffins!
 Yumminess, if I do say so myself!

Big thank you to Vikki for having Niamh this morning, really appreciate your help. Niamh had a great time and really enjoyed napping in Barneys bed - so cosy!

Happy birthday Lucy, Happy birtheve Holly and Niamh x x


  1. Those glasses are lovely!! Love how creative you are :)

  2. Ahhhh I'm sooooooo super glad the glasses were a hit! Thank you so much for your kind words, again, blush! Love you all loads and loads! xxxxx