Tuesday, April 9, 2013


By my own design, I don't have many friends. I am far too judgemental, I find social situations awkward and I can't be bothered with drama. I find the whole thing exhausting. I will take you at face value - if you say no to something, or drop out of contact, I will accept that and move on.

So the friends I do have are pretty exceptional. The cream of the crop you could say.

Writing a post about friendship is quite dangerous really. How do I give credit where credit is due, without singling anyone out and potentially forgetting little things other people have done?!

Frankly I can't.

But what I can do is write down the many amazing things I have experienced through friendship in the last three weeks.

Friends will throw you a party, make cakes and a playlist for you. They will clean your toilet, and wash your floors, even when they aren't feeling very well themselves. They will light a hundred candles for you and pour their hearts into beautiful notes and cards. They will bring easter eggs to you in intensive care. They will drive to visit you in hospital, when driving on their own, and at night, terrifies them. They will calmly watch master chef in your hospital room, and make you feel valued, whilst hiding the twitch about their drive home. They will provide you with endless distraction whilst you recuperate. Treat you to heartfelt gifts, chocolate and send flowers. They will write you amazing texts to make you smile and they will lift your spirits.

I can't name you and shame you, but you know who you are. Thank you.
Love you x x x x

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