Thursday, April 25, 2013


Yesterday my parents came to visit and we spent a busy few hours - they wanted to see Kiddicare, and where I will be working. That then prompted us to go and find me some uniform trousers and shoes, to go with my coveted pink t shirt.

I managed to find the worlds most ludicrously priced, least feminine, potentially ugliest, vile shoes for work. Heartbreaking. However I just can not fault their comfort. Like walking on (ugly) air. And as my mother pointed out, I'm going to have enough pains to worry about on my first day, without worrying about my feet.. Good point. Besides, at a size 10, I'm used to ugly shoes! Plus my trousers are long enough to cover most of the hideousness.

Anyway, I digress.

The adventures of yesterday have made me contemplative today. I couldn't have envisaged walking around long enough to try shoes on two weeks ago, let alone maintain upbeat ugly shoe banter with my father, and milestones like that need to be celebrated. So whilst I wasn't in the mood to go out today, I did feel the need to sit in the garden sunshine this morning. Another thing I have not yet felt compelled to do this year. Another milestone. I am well enough to want to 'potter' in my garden. Whoop!

The garden is a mess and as I started taking a few photos, I realised that my garden is very symbolic of me right now. The bare bones of it are there, its essence is intact. The new shed looks great and spring is out and shining through, but there is a lot of winter debris to clear away. It needs some TLC and a good bit of work, but it is singing with the promise of summer.

Everything is alive in the sunshine today. Everything feels connected today. Me included. I am plugged into me and my life, and what a joy it is.

Thanks for reading x x

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