Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little things

Today I am hugely grateful for:

My children.
Brenna had just helped me put my socks on, and we came downstairs to find Lochie and Niamh loading the washing machine for me.
I wrote in my last post about how I like to run the house and how I am not very good at relinquishing control. Of the many lessons I have learnt during this experiance, one of them is that the kidlets are hugely more capable than I give them credit for. They are amazing human beings in their own right.
Cake two nights running! Fruit and cream cheese frosted cupcakes, together with Jam and coconut cake pops... Hello goodness, healer of spines!
Please note there is only ONE stick here! That is right, I quit the second stick. Go me! 
Attached to the stick is my gun, my 'handy grabber'. I didn't understand its usefullness in the beginning, but as I get more active and competant, it is becoming more and more useful. Where I can't bend or reach, my handy grabber does the job. It is suprisingly nimble too, and can pick up teeny tiny things (like stickers on the carpet when the children have gone to bed!). It has a magnet on the end too. Attached to my walking stick, its like a healing transformers dream!

Knitting. Way easier than crochet, and quite quick too.  I started knitting a small sample piece and it evolved into a cuff type bracelet. Nice.


  1. Yay for getting rid of the second stick! So sweet to see the kids helping out :)

    1. Thank you PP, I really appreciate that you always take the time to comment x