Friday, April 26, 2013


The synchronicity of life never fails to amaze me. As I hit 'publish' on yesterdays narrative, the postman delivered the plug plants I had ordered eons ago - back in February I ordered 70 perenial plug plants and paid the bargain price of £10. Hello deal!
Lucy nipped over for lunch yesterday, between clients, and offered to help me get them put in the ground.
How teeny are they!! They will get BIG! Lots of lavendar, fox gloves, poppies and geraniums.

This was one of my over-grown,winter neglected, beds, before Lucy got to work.

Niamh got stuck in too.
Lucy set too, as is her style, and even mowed the lawn for me. THANK YOU LUCY. I felt so 'normal' pottering outside with you today (letting you do all the work). Lunch too, just like normal. Thank you xxxxx

How neat and tidy now! Teeming with new little plants, and lots of slug deterrant. Grow plants, grow!

As Lucy left, dinner arrived. We are still being gifted our evening meal and we have had the most amazing two weeks of food. Tonight we have homemade quorn and veggie pasties, with cheesy mash. I just can't tell you how much of a help it has been - and will be next week. Even though the rota ends on Sunday, everyone has been so generous that our freezer is full of leftovers and we won't need to cook next week either.

I am aware of how lucky I am. How loved I am. I am supremely appreciatve.
Thank you, you all know who you are x x x

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