Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Matron

After writing about The Pharmacist, I felt I needed to express my immense love and gratitude to The Matron. Finding the correct title was difficult, because it needed to cover and fit such a vast and ever changing role.

A woman in charge of domestic and medical arrangements at a boarding school or other establishment.

But after testing it out, I think it does fit.

When I went into hospital on the 25th, my mum without question came and stayed at our house. She took over my role and with the support of my dad, saw that the children went to school, that everyone was cared for, fed, watered, clean and in one piece, allowing Paul to concentrate on me. When school broke up for Easter, my parents whisked the children off to their house.

I have been out of hospital and we have been staying with my parents for a week tomorrow, with another week still ahead of us. My mum, The Matron, is just amazing.

Above and beyond all of your care, love and parenting of me and Paul, and all of your parenting of my kidlets. I shall forever be grateful for the extras- in the middle of the night, you have helped me limp to the toilet, you have cuddled me until the shivering has stopping, boiled the kettle and provided more hot wallies than I have ever relied on before and you have listened to my fears.

Love you Mummy xxx

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