Monday, April 1, 2013

The Pharmacist

Monday night.
One week post spinal fusion.

Pain governs my world right now. I used to think that tooth ache was the worst pain in the world. I now laugh in the face of tooth ache.
(Please please little old teeth of mine, this is not a contest, don't fail me right this minute, I'm attempting to make a point.)

My spine and my hips and my wound all ache to different degrees, most of the time right now. My wound is so swollen it is currently sticking out in a triangular shape (like I am growing a dorsal fin!), past my bum. Sitting is difficult to get comfy. If you had stitches in your finger, you would keep it out of harms way, you wouldn't attempt to rub it on the back of a chair, let alone put weight on it..

The hospital sent me home with 5 varieties of pill, none of them particularly effective (in my opinion), and my Dad took over the difficult job of pharmacist. It is difficult because I am like a junky constantly looking to score. The pills all differ in their qualities and in their quantities, so my amazing Dad set up a spreadsheet of pain relief to keep us both on track with what, when and why.

He spends all day clingy to the schedule, trying to eek out my pain relief to its maximum. I spend all day trying to sell my soul for an early hit 15 mins before its due, aware that 15 mins each time equals an hour by the end of the day... Which equals a looong night.

Lets not even get started on night times yet.

My pharmacist is doing an amazing job, even if I'm not over-flowing with immediate gratitude. Despite the pain, and my constant bargaining (whinging), I know what a brilliant job you are doing Daddy and I appreciate you so much. Love you xxx

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