Tuesday, April 16, 2013


3 weeks (yesterday) post spinal fusion

We came home on Sunday, at lunch time. It was the right time to come home, but I was hugely sad to say goodbye to my parents. I haven't lived at home since I was a teenager, and I certainly didn't appreciate their company at that point in my life. But including the holiday, and seeing them daily in hospital, I have really spent the last 4 weeks with them. I know a lot of that has been with them caring for me, but I have been so struck with just how much I enjoy their company. I just hope that I will maintain such a relationship with my own children, as they grow up and leave and then need me (us) again.

It's been a busy 3 days here and I have been spoilt - as I seem to be lucky enough to say constantly!
Rachel met us here as we got in on Sunday, and after lunch, she took the kidlets out. Paul was able to unpack and sort the food shopping and the myriad of jobs that accumulate when you're not at home for a while.
As I went to bed for a nana nap, Magda arrived with cake. Thank you very much.

We struggled with where to sit me at first, because we have a very low 'L' shaped sofa that is comfy to lounge on, but it has no support for proper upright seating. After faffing around with cushions and pillows, we hit upon the idea of digging a camping chair out of the shed. These chairs have saved my life many times, both when camping and during long past weaning night feeds. Perfect. It is fab to be by the window too, all my daffodils round the veg patch are out and extremely cheerful. As an extra bonus, in our small lounge, I'm now close enough to the tv to avoid needing the remote..! Lol.

It was so nice to go to bed in my bedroom on Sunday night.

Yesterday, Monday, both Lucy and Rachel visited. Rach went up to school to collect the bigs at home time, and Paul and Niamh walked with me to meet them as they walked back. It was an awkward walk. Lots of mums who I know to recognise from the play ground, were hurrying their children home and clearly doing a double take to look at me shuffling along.
I didn't walk very far, not even half way down my road, but it felt hugely pro-active to see them running down the road towards home.
After tea, Rach took the bigs to their swimming lesson, and after my mammoth walk I was having yet another nana nap, when Emma arrived with dinner!

It would seem that yet again, my amazing friends have found more ways to support us and they have sorted a two week rota to cover our evening meal. How generous is that!! Last night we had lasagne and salad, and Jenni has already been round this morning and delivered a mahoosive 'mac n cheese' ❤

Lucy and I are planning a little trip out this afternoon, she is going to take me for a walk and a coffee. By which I mean park far enough away from the coffee shop to make me earn my drink. I'm very excited. Having only been out 5 times in the last 2 weeks, I was delighted to feel well enough to dry my hair with my hair dryer this morning, in honour of the occasion!

I am starting to feel frustrated, and bored. My mind is sharp (as it ever was! Ha ha!) and I am clearly on the mend, but my body seems to have plateaued in its healing and I don't feel like I have improved much since my last update.

To end on a positive note, I have made contact with my manager at Kiddicare and I am going into store on Sunday to say hello, have a look round and talk about my return in May. That is something to hold onto. Everything is falling into place x x


  1. Hope you have a successful walk. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery your way!

  2. Glad to hear you're on the mend, keep finding the positives in everything.