Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Cavalry

I'm not sure that The Cavalry is the best term. We discussed it and googled many terms, but none of them are quite right so we settled on The Cavalry. But I think Honour Guard may have been a better term. Not honour guard as it is now a days, a bunch of soldiers forced to guard their leader, but as I imagine it would have been during the Roman invasion.

As an aside, if you ever get the opportunity to read the historical fiction books 'Boudicca', then you simply must, must, must. An honour guard to them was made up of family and best friends, sworn to love and protect each other until death.
I like to think I have 4 people in my honour guard.

Today I'd like to talk about my sister. Honour Guard and Cavalry woman extraordinaire.

Em lives a mile from my mums house, and as she is still unable to drive from her own surgery 3 weeks ago, she has walked down every day to help me shower and dress myself. As if by magic, she always arrives just at that frantic moment when you need back up the most. Like a sharp shooter, she surveys the situation, takes out the trouble maker, diffuses the ticking time bomb and enables everyone to get back to what they were doing.

There is nothing she hasn't turned her hand to this week : hair washer, sock putter onerer, breakfast maker, wound dressing changer, personal shopper, advise giver, nappy changer (not mine!) and smile giver.

You have been amazing this week Emooses. Washed me when I couldn't wash myself, supported Paul and M & D, and cared for my children. Love you xxxx

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