Saturday, January 26, 2013

A leek story!

I harvested the first of my leeks this morning, and I am so absolutely thrilled with these long onions that I thought I would share the journey of them from seed to plate. 
The teeny red dots of seeds were planted on my window sill last April (I never said this was a quick process!) and I marvelled at how the shoots seemed to unfurl and stand up.
The pencil thin leeks went into the veg patch last June, I was so worried for them because the process of 'dibbing in' (see here, this is a lovely veg patch blog) seems to make them so vulnerable.
 Yet here they are, 6 months later and they are the last things to still be standing proud out there.
 Today I pulled the 3 fattest leeks
 Washed them
 Trimmed them, and then made leek and potato soup for our lunch.
I'm not the worlds best veg patch keeper, I have a tendency to let the weeds take hold and sometimes my crops fail. But there is absolutely nothing better than the fulfillment of growing something, however long it takes, and then making a meal out of it. Despite our fast paced lives, it reminds me of our connection to the earth.
I am eager for this growing season to get under way!

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  1. Great work, I would love to grow my own veggies!