Friday, January 18, 2013

The short term plan

Two things to note as this week comes to an end (under a blanket of snow!) - my training for my first big ride of the year starts now that I am BACK in the game... and I have two interviews for separate jobs next week!! YIKES!!

I have been applying for jobs in earnest since mid December. No easy feat really, as I want part time, ideally term time only and I want to be paid LOADS. Joke. Anyway, I have had several disappointing 'no thank you's' and then out of the blue, a formal letter arrived in the post yesterday inviting me to an interview on Monday, and another via email telling me of a telephone interview next week... I won't say more than that right now, because I believe in the power of jinx. But I also believe in the power of positivity, and actually, universe, just so you know 'I WOULD LIKE EITHER OF THESE JOBS PLEASE' although I am grateful for the interview practise if that is all this is. It goes without saying that I also believe in the power of grayskull.

Moving swiftly on.. My training plan! (Ironically, we only joked last night that I might not have time to find a job for the foreseeable future at least and all these polite no thank yous might not be such a bad thing..) Yes, I plan to cycle an 86 mile sportive in April, and given that my last real cycling was last October.. I have some work to do. Paul has written me a comprehensive training plan that involves me beating the turbo into submission and going out for a longer rides at the weekend.

I don't know if this is big enough for you to see, but this is THE PLAN. We have found a great turbo website 'The Sufferfest', and believe that a killer turbo session for 1hr is the equivalent to 2.5 on the road.. So if I work really hard at it, I should be fine. (Another positive, how many do you want? But another positive is that it doesn't involve any running)

Good news really, because I want my cake and I want to eat it. I really want to get a job AND cycle/Tri my hardest, in between and without detriment to all my Mummying and life stuff.

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  1. Your training schedule looks so impressive! I love the quote -- it's going to feel great when you reach your goal, and I have complete faith that you will!
    Good luck with the upcoming interviews!