Thursday, January 10, 2013

The BACK of beyond..

A quick back update, you know you love the saga!

My second visit to the osteopath was this morning and she was delighted with my progress - as am I! The swelling has come right down and I am in minimal pain.. Whoop!! I have been so worried about 'losing ground' and not running and yada yada yada that I hadn't considered that I am actually starting to feel better and more mobile!

I now have a sheet of strengthening exercises to do, and I am going to wean myself off my anti-inflammatory tablets. We've decided to do it really gradually so that I can be aware of pain levels and try and avoid further irritating my very irritable digestive system - I shall be glad to get rid of these pills...! My posture isn't great, apparently I am compensating for the injury and I am full of tension, but we can work on that.

So now its a case of figuring out how to avoid inflamming the facet joint again.. And I have promised to avoid running for at least another week.. Small price to pay I know, I know!

Huge thanks to Elle and Mia for having Niamh this morning, really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading x x x


  1. You are MORE than welcome, anytime :)
    So glad you're on the mend xx mwa xx

  2. Sorry to hear of your back troubles. Little and often helped me. I am still a yo-yo er where I feel good so I overdo it then wonder why I'm in pain. :-) Good luck and thank you for "following" me.

  3. So glad you're feeling better! Yay! :)