Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sum it Up on Sunday

Happy Sunday Clanettes! The first week of 2013 is almost over already!

This week has been a tough week for me in terms of my physical predicament. What is so hugely frustrating is that I wake up in the morning, sure and certain I'm on the mend, and then by evening I'm in excruciating pain. It has been very difficult entertaining the kidlets whilst trying to protect my back, so I am relieved that they are going back to school tomorrow - they will be pleased enforced garden time is over too!

I am resting where possible and I am following advice. I am taking my anti-inflammatory tabs (they are reeking havoc with my digestion!) and I am icing/heating the area 3 times a day.. I am also able to exercise, as long as I avoid running and if it hurts stop and since its one of my fave things to do.. Of course I have exercised this week! Gently, and with care.

Early morning gym session, 15 min (5k) bike, 15 elliptical trainer and 20 x 25m lengths in the pool


'Rest' day
Took the children swimming and really paid for it in the evening. Lucy helped me with Massage.

First visit with the Osteopath and to the Drs. Also traditional weigh in day - very pleased to have lost all of my 6lb Christmas gain!

Night time gym session: 15 min (5k) bike, 30 mins on elliptical trainer

Early morning (6am) yoga and turbo session, nice light cycle, only 6 miles in the dry of the shed, whilst the rain howled outside (smug again!)
Then we went to Gunwharf quays outlet to get the Bidlets new school shoes, and new non-school shoes (Is it just me? But given how quickly school shoes wear out (a poster in Clarks yesterday said they will wear then up to 1000 hrs before they grow out of them) I like them to have running around non school shoes too) Bebe chose boots and she says they are actually the best things in the world ever. She might be right. Lochie has standard boys black school schools, and is much more enamoured with his non-school schools. They are both now a size 11/11.5!! Niamh hasn't changed shoe size this time and since her shoes are still in good nic, she didn't get a new pair.
We all love the massive Nike clearance shop there, so the kidlets all got exceptionally well priced trainers as their non-school shoes, Paul got a running belt for carrying water and I got myself a new gym top. Its a bit more see through than I was expecting, given that most of it is mesh, but actually I really love it.
In the afternoon I had a cuppa with Vikki and then we went to tea with our friends Elle and Johny, they have a 6 month old called Mia. I met Elle through the clinic. Johny cooked chicken and lots of lovely accompaniments before fascinating Lochie with Jupitor through their new telescope (Vikki, Elle and I all live in a big triangle and you can see our houses from each others houses. We played a little game of 'Stalker!' with Vikki - she was in her living room, waving at us spying on her from Elles roof with the new telescope!) A really lovely evening, thank you very much. I'm sorry I was such a melodramatic limping wreck by the end!

Early morning gym session, 15 min (5k) bike,  30 mins elliptical trainer and 20 x 25m lengths in the pool. We have got into a little Sunday morning routine, I go out first and I am home by 9.30 and then Paul goes straight out, he is home by 12 ish. Then a big family lunch and whatever the plan is for the afternoon. Today we are playing a new quiz game - and then getting ready to go back to school and work in earnest.

I am always starved when I get in on a Sunday morning and I have discovered the nearly sat fat free joys of oat cakes, jam and cottage cheese... With a chopped apple and a large coffee it keeps me going post gym, til lunch time. Its also quite popular with the kidlets!

Exercise Summary:
W/E 06/01/13
Cycle: 21 miles
Run: 0

Elliptical trainer: 1 x 15min, 2 x 30min sessions
Swim:  20 x 25ms in 2 sessions

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  1. So sorry to hear you're in pain. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love the new gym top :)