Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back from black

Happy new year Clanettes!!

I have been avoiding this post as I desperately wanted my first post of 2013 to be full of energy and vigour.. I am over due on a new '13 in13' challenge post and I have so much to say. But after a reassuring day, I think I can comment on my current predicament with renewed hope and more cheeriness than the last few of days.

During a couple of posts over Christmas I mentioned that my back has been playing up again and I have been struggling. I'll be honest (now that I have clarity and hope!) - it is and has been excruciating. Just awful and I have been m i s e r a b l e. I got to the point yesterday where I wondered if actually I was due for a wheelchair, because surely something had to pop or burst or break just to release some pressure.

Turns out, I'm going to be ok. Phew! I know, right! There is joy in my heart, I will run again - not in the next couple of weeks, fair enough, and that 10k is going to have to wait - but I WILL run again. There have been times over the last couple of days where I have seriously wondered.

I have injured my lower left facet joint (see here - I am absolutely 100% the case study for this description! All of it is me! I do so love to fit in!) and Lucy has helped me hugely over the last few days with massage (last night Lucy, I really feel like you saved my life both figuratively and literally. Thank you), which I have already mentioned. Today I saw an Osteopath (This one - I highly recommend her) and she has suggested a course of treatment that she feels will help me, I have also been to the Dr (I put it off because I'm a scaredy cat), thank you for helping me with the kidlets Vikki.

My main physical priority right now is getting the swelling down. I have started on a course of anti-inflammatory tablets and I am using ice/heat treatment.. along with REST. Something I don't do very well!! Once the inflammation is down, the osteo has exercises for me to adopt and I hope to incorporate it into a new yoga set. I have also started on a glucosamine supplement. Following that I have a referral to a specialist and a possible MRI scan if that is recommended.

My main mental priority right now is best described via an excerpt from an email I sent to my family last week (we aren't local to each other, I don't just email them instead of see them!):  'This is probably going to sound totally loco to you, but I honestly believe there is a connection between my periods and my back. I started to really suffer with my periods when I hurt my back last April, as my back got better, my periods got worse. I have fixed my periods with the surgery in Sept (literally, this month has been good!) and now my back is going down hill.
I figure that if I can believe with all of my being in the flow of energy, or magic in some way or even a Goddess, as well as a God, then why not a connection between two body parts that sit opposite each other?'

With this in mind I have started reading two books (Lucy had copies of course) 'Anatomy of the Spirit' and 'Why people don't heal, and how they can' because I don't think my back healed last year and I think I have been 'managing' it with pain killers. I need to sort it and heal it and get back in my trainers!!!

So there you go. There is the story as it stands - of course I'm going to keep you updated, you know I wouldn't do anything else!

Thanks for reading x x x


  1. Swift recovery Sarah, I can only begin to imagine how frustrated you are feeling xxxxxx

  2. So glad to hear that you'll be ok. I'm currently struggling with a bit of an injury and illness and I am miserable. Ugh.
    Hope you continue to heal and feel better x

    1. And you PP, isn't it miserable! I hope you feel better asap x