Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lady boss

Soooo. I had an interview yesterday, an interview for the position of Clerk to the Governors at a local school. I didn't get the job, and I have to say that last night I was disappointed, but I learnt a lot yesterday and I thought I'd share my day with you.

I have a collection of 'work' clothes, I'd like to say they are classic pieces.. the kind that don't really go out of fashion.. But in reality, its just a suit and a couple of smart jumpers that I hung onto when I finished work for maternity leave in 2008. They are indeed classic. They are indeed still in fashion. They are also indeed 4 sizes too big for me.  Dilemma! When I heard of the interview last week, I thought no probs, I'll hit Tesco or M&S this weekend and sort something. Then the snow arrived and made it impossible for me to get out. So then friends rummaged in their wardrobes for me and I was kitted out. 

Me being me though, I worried that I didn't look like 'me' and so I took inspiration from my secret celeb crush.. Kim Kardashion..!
With her in mind.. I tried on Paul's work suit trousers, and then nearly fell over when they not only fit me, but I felt quite good in them! A bit like a boss in fact!
So this is me, working it like a lady boss, with my lady crew, being papped by the boy Lochie.. or something! Forgive my hair, I was trying on outfits before I got ready and I had Lochie take photos to email to my nearest and dearest for opinions.

The interview was at 1.45pm, so Vikki had Niamh for me, and Emma collected the biglets from school for me so I was in no rush to get back. Working it like a lady boss, feeding your youngest beans and wearing an apron to protect your interview clothes taught me about making enough time to get ready beforehand.. Then I had to trudge through the snow in my wellies and waterproof trousers, with my heels in a rucksack on my back and then when I got within sight of the school I morphed into my boss like self.

The interview actual was my first in over 7 years and just to mix it up, it was a formal panel interview with 3 ladies.. daunting!! I think it went well, I came away positive I couldn't have done anything better.

I was called later the same day to be told I hadn't been successful, and the lady was very nice and positive. She said she couldn't fault my interview, but another candidate had closer matched experience.

Ah well. Pipped at the post. So yes, I was disappointed last night, but Paul was great, sorted dinner and treat me to chocolate roses.. What more can a self indulgent lady boss ask for?

Onwards and upwards Clanettes. Least I've got an interview under my belt now! The next one won't be as daunting surely, and I also know what I'll wear now too.

Thanks so much for every ones support and special mention to my sister. Em, you have been amazing with my phone calls and help with applying and prep for all the jobs over the last few weeks. Sadly, it doesn't stop here just yet! Love you xx

Thanks for reading x x x


  1. Love that polka dot top! Sorry the interview didn't go as planned, but as you said - onwards and upwards! *hugs* :)

    1. Thanks PP! The dots are actually hearts, I love it too :-)

  2. Those trousers were such a great idea, they look great! Best of luck for future interviews!