Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sum it Up on Sunday

My parents visited during the day, on their way to the new forest for the week. They are very excitingly have a new kitchen fitted and decided to move out whilst it was done. Good plan!
Monday night ladies swim, 40 lengths in 25 mins.

Gym with Lucy - 10 min (1k) brisk walk on the treadmill, 20 min (1k) on the elliptical trainer and then 30 mins (10k) on the bike.  

I needed to get the biglets some plimsolls for school - you know you need to sort your children's P.E kit when they come home with a hand written sticker on their jumper saying 'Mummy, please can I take my P.E kit into school tomorrow.' So I met up with Vikki and headed into town. Plimsolls and a new dress later, and I was shopped out!
 'Rest' day - Sound therapy and massage in the evening.

'Rest' day - osteopath. I had thought to turbo in the evening, as per my training plan, but after a pre-snow tesco shopping trip with Lucy, after Osteo, my back was tired and I decided to rest.. Yes, yes, I rested peeps!

Snow day - school was closed, Paul didn't make it into work.
I did a great 1hr turbo session and cycled 10 miles. 10 min warm up, 10 min sustainable effort, then 10 mins of 2 mins on and killing it, 1 min easy pedalling, 10 mins sustainable effort, then another 10 mins of 2 min on and killing it, 1 min easy pedalling, followed by a 10 min cool down.. GREAT SESSION!

'Rest' day, my back was tired so I listened to it and gave myself the day off.
In the evening Elle and Johny came for dinner. Vikki was babysitting Elle's daughter Mia, but Mia wanted her Mummy, so after we'd eaten Vikki brought Mia over and we all had a drink!
Paul cooked ultimate pork taco's (another great recipe from Jamies 15 min meals), Johny was great company and at the end of the evening, after a tad too much wine, Elle and I decided to paint our nails...

Elle had seen this video on YouTube..
So we tried it and actually it worked! Kind of! Probably something to try another time when slightly less tipsy.
Anyway, it was hugely entertaining - if very messy!!

And lastly, but by no means least, Elle painted me a set of 4 wine glasses as part of a 'craft it forward' gift on face book. This is the premise you put as your status:

'My turn to pass on the creative love! I am doing the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward. The first five people to comment on this status will receive something from me in the next year. It may be a handcrafted item or something yummy made in my kitchen or it may be a creative idea just especially for you...a surprise! There will be no warning as to when you will receive your gift other than it will be before the end of the year - let me have your address now please so as not to ruin the surprise. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer on their Face book status, pay it forward peeps!'

And then you fulfill.. Given that this was only last week, Elle was uber organised! 
Look what she made me!! As I opened the box, she was quick to point out that she hadn't actually made the glass, she had 'just' painted them.. 'JUST' I shrieked... You 'JUST' painted them? Totally love them x x
Its fair to say I wasn't on top form today!! Over-indulgence ahoy!! I fell into bed just after 1am and Niamh came through just before 5am.. I'm not used to so little sleep these days, or lots of rich food and wine!
Fresh snow was settling, the gym was closed, my swimming lesson had been cancelled, so after a hearty and stodgy lunch of jacket potato, tuna and beans, I braved the turbo.. I admit I was half hearted in my session today - but I figure getting out and doing it, is better than not! 10 miles later and I trudged through the snow, back into the house, relieved to have done it.

Exercise Summary:
W/E 20/01/13
Cycle: 26 miles
Run: 0

Elliptical trainer: 1 x 20min session
Swim: 1 swim 40 x 25m - 2nd swimming lesson at the uni cancelled due to the snow

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  1. You're so creative!!! Looks like you had a lovely time :)