Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recipe #1

Tonights dinner was a recipe from Jamie Olivers '15 minute meals' :-
Chinese steamed chicken, silky coconut buns, greens & homemade pickles

We generally eat the same kind of meals all the time - they are easy, we all know we like (or don't like! aka the kidlets) them and mostly I have the ingredients saved in my shopping lists. So I have decided we are going to try new meals more regularly.

This recipe is on one of the first few pages when you open the cook book, and I distinctly remember leafing through the book at my friend Jenni's house and this image right here made me neeeeed to buy the book! Boy, oh boy, it was worth it. First recipe is a great success.
This is the image from Jamie's book - mine isn't as pretty, but then I don't have a food specialist designing my broccoli..!

As Jamie recommends, I got all my ingredients out, kettle boiled and steamer at the go.

Firstly was the dumplings. Because my steamer is metal, rather than bamboo, I greased the edges - I wasn't taking any chances with these bad boys!

Then I sliced the chicken, mushrooms and made up the marinade and shoved, er, I mean popped it into the steamer with the asparagus and broccoli. The whole thing then steamed for 10 mins.
Whilst I made up the pickles - yummers!!! Although, word to the wise, pickled ginger is HOTTER than I imagined.

 Paul made his into sandwiches, as is his way
Where as I ate mine in open pieces - rather like I would a cream tea!

A beautiful meal we shall definitely have again - I have scoured the Internet and whilst I found the image I used at the beginning of this post, I can't find a link to the actual recipe. If you find it, please leave it in the comments. 

Happy Saturday night x x