Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sum it Up on Sunday

I was privileged to go with Vikki to support her and her babies in a new opportunities and play group session. Vikki's eldest, Barney (same age as Niamh) is an amazing boy, who likes to do things differently and so through a series of sessions with his speech and language specialist, together with meetings and this and thats, they were invited for a specific session that would allow Barney some freedom - and that would allow Vikki to meet some Mums of other amazing children.  (You can read Vikki's blog here).
I didn't know what to expect really, or how Niamh would react. I guess in my prejudiced way, I was expecting lots of frustrated children screaming.. I couldn't have been more wrong. We had a lovely two hours, and whilst the session was structured, nothing was enforced and Vikki visibly relaxed the longer we stayed and the more Barney was clearly enjoying himself. I was invited back too, and we will definitely take them up on that - Niamh loved it!
Vikki, you are an inspiration to me. You have a lot on your plate, I know you always say 'It is what it is', but frankly (Franksly) its a lot. You take the rough with the smooth, the hugs with the tantrums and follow it up with high fives. I always end up crying whenever you have 'a moment' and I always feel so cross with myself. I don't cry for you, or because you are, I cry because I am so proud of you and how you hold it all together. You are the buttons for so many, and I am so happy to be one of the loops x x

Monday night ladies swim, 40 lengths in 25 mins. Vikki, just how much do you love my waterproof headphones!! Oh yeah!!

8 miles on my bike in 45 mins, on the turbo.
Elle and I have planned a baby relay on Tuesday mornings. She has Niamh for me and then I have Mia for her. It was Turbo-terrific on Tuesday! Best of all though, I had a cup of tea with Emma beforehand, which was super lovely because we never see each other for tea without any children running around. Then after my turbo-terrific session, I had lunch with Vikki and her herd whilst watching Mia, and then Elle came to collect Mia and we all had another cup of tea. See! Totally tea-riffic!

Gym - 15 mins/5k on the bike and 30mins on the elliptical trainer

'Rest' day - osteopath

'Rest' day - I spent the day with Lucy. She had been in hospital this week, and scared us all with concussion. A door attacked her! So it was nice to see her, check she was ok for myself. We had coffee, lunch and did some Yoga.

Paul and I spontaneously went out for dinner in the evening! We NEVER do that!
 A self portrait in the car
In the restaurant - Indian buffet and wine ahoy - I had two large glasses of wine and suggested to Paul, a little too giddily, that we should go and have a drink in a pub like we used to. So on the way back to the car, we went into a 'trendy' pub. After a third glass of wine it was totally over rated, so with that, we drove home, via tesco, where we browsed the kids clothes and I bought a donut.. ROCK AND ROLL.
I had such a fun evening, I loved the spontaneity, the food, the being with Paul, the wine, the trip to tesco. All of it! Thank you, again, to Elle, for babysitting x x

Isn't it funny how a fab evening can really boost your spirits, despite having a minor and vague feeling of slight over-indulgence..! So I hit the turbo. I decided to cycle for an hour and just see how I got on.
I felt so good, my back was so strong that I pushed myself. I warmed up for 15 mins, in my easiest gear, then I did 15 mins of '1 min on' and '1 min off' - aka 1 min in hardest gear and resistance, then 1 min free spinning. Followed by 20 mins of '2 mins on' and '1 min off'. Then a 10 min cool down. I totally smashed it and was high as kite by the end.. My new and improved playlist really helped - you need something with a good beat when you want to push yourself. 11 miles in total by the end.

My killer Christie hulk pose in action..! It was so cold and wet outside, that the shed was totally steamed up by the time I was done with it! LOVE THE SHED!

The shed was also put to good use during the afternoon, when Johny popped over and Paul was delighted to tinker with his bike and help him with a puncture. Hi Johny!

Went to the gym this morning with Lucy. This morning was a nice gentle session for us both. We warmed up for 10mins on the bikes, 3k, did 20 mins on the elliptical trainer and then another 20 mins at a brisk walk on the treadmill (I can just see what my parents are thinking as they read this - Papa, I DID NOT RUN!)

Paul and the kidlets mostly.. and Niamh and I walked behind and we had coffee.

Whilst I was extremely grateful for having made our lunch (Lasagne) on Friday when the shopping came, and so all I made today was 2 cakes - one for today, after the biglets are back from a bike ride with Paul, and one for tomorrow when my parents visit.
I love my little Be-ro book (see here) my Mum always had a copy whilst I was growing up, and she gave it to me when I first left home to go to uni. I love the Jamie's and the Hugh's of this world. But this will always be my fave baking recipe book - and this chocolate cake recipe is my go to staple.

That just leaves tonight.. Tonight is my first swimming lesson!! I AM TERRIFIED!! I will, of course, regale you all of my tale tomorrow.

Exercise Summary:
W/E 13/01/13
Cycle: 23 miles
Run: 0

Elliptical trainer: 1 x 20min, 1 x 30min sessions
Swim:  40 x 25ms in 1 session and whatever I achieve tonight at my lesson!


  1. You've had a busy/full week. You look lovely on your date night with Paul :) Glad you had fun!

  2. You're more than welcome for the babysitting, anytime, anywhere :)
    Hear hear Plum Petals - glad fun was had on the date!
    Oh and Johny says 'hello' right back and is chuffed to be mentioned on your Blog. He had muchos fun with the shed, man, bike, fix, YES, man make fire type situation :) xx

  3. Now for my more serious comment. Thank you. Monday was hard and you softened the blow.