Sunday, September 2, 2012


Random running montage from this morning.  General shots of me trying unsuccessfully to use my camera phone whilst running and chasing Lucy into the distance
Lucy invited me to go running with her this morning, and very pleased I was too.  I decided to cycle to her house, and pack my swimming things and D-lock and cycle home afterwards, via the gym for a swim.  I haven't done any proper swimming for an age, so it felt good to get a set couple of hours where I was on for all 3 disciplines.
We met at her house just after 7am, popped my bike inside and off we we went.  It felt so good to be running with Lucy, I have missed her companionship.  I was pleased with how good I felt throughout and we got to 5km in 38 mins - this is an amazing pace for me, I can do 5km in 34 mins on a treadmill so I was delighted to keep under 40mins outside, in the rain and with inclines.  Brill.  Anyway, so we got to 5km, walked for a while and I thought we were done - so I switched my tracker off.  But no, Lucy set us off again and we got back to her house after 9km.. and whilst I was ready to stop, I didn't feel like I was ready to die.  Amazing.  A new distance personal best for me.  9km is just crazy!  I cycled to the gym on my way home, and did 20 lengths and as I cycled home I was high as a kite.  I kind of jumped in the front door and pranced around excitedly squealing to the children and Paul '9k! 9k!' I do like to celebrate, lol.  I don't think I have felt this good about a stand alone exercise related achievement since my spinning class back in March (read about it here).

This morning we reminisced about January and not being to run for even 1 minute, and how far we've come, what we have achieved in the last 9 months.  I honestly can't remember being that person back at the beginning of the year.. All I knew was that I didn't want to be her anymore - I didn't quite know what I wanted to be, but right now I can't imagine being anyone else, so I guess I've won?!

I'm not sure there is a point to my post today (is there ever I hear you ask!), other than to maybe record my achievement for myself.  Its so lovely to have a place all of my own to say 'Yay me!'.   And maybe to encourage you.  Seriously.  One day, or even one minute of effort at at time.  I honestly think you can achieve anything.

Look!  Look!  Clever me figured out how to screen print from my phone! The link to my workout is here - todays lesson is - do not press stop to early! 

And in other news - Paul has packed his kit, his RAB bag is nearly almost zipped up and ready to go.  I was on the sofa (a well earnt sit down, I think you'll agree!) ticking off the tick list, as Paul put his kit into the bag and we talked about requirements.  The kidlets were absorbed in lego when Lochie suddenly asked 'Mummy, will we be ok when Daddy is away?'  We were quick to assure him of course, but actually it made me cry and I'm not sure why.  Paul made light of it and reassured us all - we'd be worse off if it were Mummy going, he said, I have no clue what we'd eat or where your school uniform is.  Everyone laughed.

Of course we'll be ok Lochie, we are team Christie, we can do anything.


  1. I just finished the swimming portion of the Lazyman Triathlon. I hadn't swam since college!
    My husband was really surprised about how quickly I completed the swimming part. I told him that even though I rarely swim now that I am a fish in the pool. ; )

  2. Hi Elle, nice to hear from you! I haven't heard of Lazyman Triathlon - is it a training source? Well done on your swimming, it's the discipline I could use most work on I think. Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  3. I think what you have achieved is astounding - both you and Lucy - you have transformed yourselves in what is really a very short period ot ime, and I think its amazingly inspiring. Just goes to prove that you can do anything you put your mind to, and its not always about the goal or end result - sometimes you just have to get started on the journey! (blimey, that was a bit deep for a Wednesday afternoon!) Well done :) xXx