Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - Week 3

Hi Clanettes!  Its Monday, so it must be time to join Rebecca over at Weight Wars and look at my GFFE goals and think about starting week 3!

Lets recap my goals and see how I'm doing :-
1) Cycle 300 miles during the 8 weeks
I haven't done any cycling this week, so I am still at the 20 miles I did last week. But thats ok, I knew this would be the case when I set myself these goals and I am happy that I can still achieve my target.  Paul is home tonight (YIPPEEEE!) and I can bring my focus in and get out on my bike.  I need to average 50miles a week over the next 6 weeks.  2 good rides a week will see me clear!

2) Run 60km (37 miles) in the next 8 weeks
I have had a great week for running! I got out 3 times and did 3 road runs totalling 17.1km this week!
The first was on Monday lunch time, and I did 5km.
The second session was on Saturday, first thing in the morning and I did 7.1km, (I talk about both of these runs here)
Then I did another 5km run on Sunday morning. So 17k.1m this week,
Added to the actual 6.5km I did last week = 23.6km to date and I am delighted!  Well on my way to achieving my goal!

Plotted out on 'Memory Map' so I knew I was going to do a 5k circuit
The actual stats from Sundays run - a great time for me for an outside run! Plus, the map was accurate!
3) Swim at least 12 times during the challenge
I managed one swim last week, 40 x 25m lengths in 30 mins. Again, I knew it would difficult to fit swimming in with Paul away (Did I mention he is home tonight?!) so I know I can get this back on track once he is home.

4) Yoga
As with last week - I got myself sorted first thing 4 mornings in a row, and then went to Reading for the weekend. The tradition for the kidlets and me to climb into my Mums bed first thing in a morning hasn't changed and its still much better for my soul than any Yoga!

5) Eat right
The weight watchers meals saved me this week.  I have been absent minded, concentrating on other things and food was not a priority.  Had I not planned for it, I would have struggled to eat well and probably gained weight from making last minute snack choices.  So whilst I don't advocate the use of ready meals in any way, shape or form normally, they do have a place and they really helped me.  Win!
I always faithfully and honestly track my intake on MFP and this week looked like this:

The challenge this week.... Find some way to display your goals and keep them in the front of your mind. 
I LOVED this challenge!  I am a keen record keeper (I think my blogging is also testimount to this!) and have a paper chart on my fridge that I update after EVERY workout and I love looking at it and reminiscing about what I have achieved this year.
Given my penchant for keeping my achievements on our fridge, I decided that the fridge was the obvious place for my goals too.. So I drew myself a little picture of the kind of thing I wanted to make and got busy with the scissors and glue!

The squillion cycling, running and triathlon magazines my husband (who is home TONIGHT!) reads came in pretty handy for inspiring me, and I thought I would have a bash at creating a piece of recycled magazine word art.. However it was my Dad in the end who kindly sacrificed his cycling magazines because this was a project I did over the weekend at their house.
A dab hand with some scissors, glue and a scanner... 
Et Voila!  One bright and eye catching display keeping my goals firmly within my eyesight - 

Now very much at home with my workout sheets, on my fridge! I LOVE IT!

This weeks challenge is a home workout: Record your time for EACH ROUND. Go on. Surprise yourself.

3 rounds for time (time each round and rest at least 1 minute between rounds).

- 10 burpees
- 20 squats
- 30 push ups

So there we go, I will have to google what a burpee is, but I am on it like a car bonnet! Bring on week 3!!


  1. Great job on this week! I love your goal tracking notes and posters! What a great idea! Good luck with week 3 :)

  2. I love your display! That really is EPIC!

  3. Thanks Rebecca - or slightly over-kill and crazy.. either way, I love it!

  4. I love your notes and goal reminder. That is awesome and so creative. Sounds like you had a good week, hope this one is just as good.

  5. You are very creative. Great job!

  6. Thanks Nikki and Deanna! I appreciate you taking the time to comment x