Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cycling on Sunday

I have written about Skyride before, I talk about a great event at the end of this post here. Cept they don't just do rides for families, they also offer free rides for different cycling abilities, at locations all over the country and they offer different paces.

Emma and I went and had a go this morning, on this ride. I enjoyed it because I like following a leader, then I don't need to think about the route or other specifics - I can just get on and ride.  My friend Chez lead the ride, apart from Skyrides, he also runs Southern Cycle Coaching. He had a second with him, and then there were us 4 'punters'.

It was wet.  It was big, fat, sopping, heavy rain.  The kind of rain that makes you question if you actually want to go out and ride.  The kind of rain you just know is going to end in heaps of cold.  But still we went.  Emma came to my house, we loaded our bikes and drove to the meet up point.

Let me just give huge kudos to Paul here, who is not only brave, but also man enough, to look after 6 kidlets on a Sunday morning so two ladies can go and cycle.  Thank you Paul xx

Ahem, anyway.  My trainers were full of water even by the time we had unloaded the bikes! Its was a good route.  We did 24 miles, with a coffee stop in the middle, and I was pleased with how strong I felt.  If anything I could have gone a little faster - it felt so good to get back on my bike - and be on Amy!

So if my little old blog has ever inspired you to try anything, please please have a go at a Skyride local to you.  Find a ride with a pace and a distance you feel comfortable with and go and meet some new people. The rides are free, they are well planned and they are lead, so you don't have to worry about navigation. 

And no, I am not affiliated with Skyride.  I just love them!


  1. Sounds great!! Glad you had fun despite the rain :)

  2. I love this picture! You look a little giddy and a little delirious at the same time!!

  3. We were delirious, we'll I was! Unlike Sarah, i was NOT feeling strong, but that's what you get for cycling after a virus and with a very fit friend! But everyone was very supportive and patient with me up those hills! So frustrating not to be as fit as I was and not on my own bike. My worst fear is letting others down and holding them back which I think I did a bit but I didn't feel pressurised, and you need that support when you're trying to get better. Thank you Sarah! (and Ches) P.S. I would recommend these rides too!