Saturday, September 15, 2012


During a run with Lucy at the beginning of the week, I noticed that Endomondo (my free phone app) said a wildy different distance to that of Lucys garmin and this made me suspicious of what Endomondo was telling me.

We are currently at my parents house, on the second weekend of RAB distraction and I went for a run at dawn this morning.  I was out 55 minutes and I got back and Endomondo told me I had gone less than a mile.  I was fuming with indignation.  So my Dad got the Memory Map out on his computer and we checked my route and low and behold I had gone 7.1km (4.3miles!) - a new solitary outside distance PB.. Yay me!

This morning was glorious. I would have much preferred to have been out on my bike, but given that I deliberately didn't bring Amy, a run was going to have to do.  It was cold - my first cold outside run (exercise of any kind) since spring.  So I borrowed a fleece from my Mum, because I had only brought warm weather gear with me, and off I went.  My parents live in a lovely part of the country and you are only minutes from seemingly deep countryside. The sun was just coming out, my breath was crisp on the air and there was mist over the fields.  The kind of invigorating morning that makes you feel glad to be alive - and glad to have made the decision to get outside early.
So once we'd cheecked this mornings distance (shown above), I then made my poor old Dad check a few of my other distances and I am running further than I thought I was!  Last weeks run (mapped below) was 5km on Endomondo, but in reality it was 6.53km (4.03miles).
So I have plotted another route with my Dads mapping wot-sit to try tomorrow morning and I am happy that I am closer to hitting my GFFE goals for running than I thought I was!  I knew when I set my goals that I wouldn't be doing any cycling for the first couple of weeks, and I know that I can easily make those distances up - but running was worrying me. Well not anymore!

I am through with Endomondo!  I know it was just a phone app, and a free one at that, but so annoying!  What is the point!  I'm going to have to re-think my tracking options.

Speaking of RAB briefly, Paul sounded tip top this morning and I am feeling better for him.  2 days left and this monumental challenge will be over and I can not wait to have him home and look after him a bit - for a little while anyway, then it will be life as usual..!

Quick pic of our Map exploits last night - and introducing my Mum!  There are loads of pics of Daddy on here, from our cycling and wotnot, so its nice to finally see Mummy. 

Yo!! Hello Mama!! Looking good there.. wolf whistles ahoy!!

Happy Saturday Clanettes x x x


  1. Do you think you could be losing the satellite signal when using Endo? That has happened to me before while cycling. Dylan also says turn off the auto-pause, as that combined with losing signal will mean it doesn't track properly? YAY for going further though!

  2. Glad you got your run distances sorted out! :)