Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday friday

Hey peeps, I am sorry I have been quiet this week!
But you know, we have been busy embracing 'normal' now that Paul is home.. It has been soo lovely to have him back and here and real.
We all know I'm a soppy old thing, and I love to cry over the drop of a hat, but I have cried over many little things this week - such as finally being able to change the bedding because Paul was home and I didn't need to worry that the bedding would never have been slept in by him, if he didn't come back...  And other such melodramatic and slightly odd/weird thoughts, that you know you love about me.
So, gushing over, its time for me to accept that Paul is back and that he needs to move his kit!!  It is no longer cute over the back of the chair in the kitchen!!  Normality resumes..  ha ha!

This message has really stayed with me this week and has kept me motivated - its so true! It came to mind when I didn't want to go for a run last night, and stayed with me once I had been for said run and was in and lounging on the sofa with Paul.  I got to run AND lounge.  Perfect!
Posted to Facebook this week, by Weight Wars.
Niamh and I went for my pre-op checks today, just height, weight, bloods, urine, endless form filling etc.  The nurse complimented me on my blood pressure and resting heart something or other and I was pleased to note that I was well under 100kgs on their scales - v v different from the last op I had a few years ago!
I am due in at 7.30am on Tuesday and Paul has two days off work.  My parents are on holiday, so I have roped in all and sundry for childcare.  I have written an hour by hour timetable of who is where and when, and then a separate column for who is taking them there.  Lochie is all day at school with an after school club, Bebe still comes home at lunchtime and Niamh, bless her, will come with us until its time for back up.  I have had to write to the school giving names and contacts, total palarva, but everyone has been so great - as they always are!! Thank you thank you thank you, we are so grateful for the help.

I have been trying to be mindful of the fact that I won't be able to exercise next week or, sob, take part in the triathlon I have been looking forward to next weekend, sob.  On Monday I cycled 10k and ran 2k, rested Tuesday and Wednesday whilst basking in Paul being home, last night I ran 5k, tonight I cycled 10k and swam 30 lengths, and I plan on two good bike rides this weekend.  The rest of the weekend is about food prepping!  I plan on cooking as many meals as I can to stick them in my massive (and still mostly empty!) new freezer so that next week is easy - in terms of thought and prep, and in terms of low fat and cal!!

(If you're like me and prefer working in miles, there is a good site for converting it all here)

Paul and his friend Adam are full of training plans to see them over the winter, and Paul has included (at my request) a good triathlon training plan for me.  But I am also giving consideration to maybe, just maybe, perhaps perhaps perhaps training for a half marathon in the spring..  Could I run, nay, could I limp through 13 miles or 20.9km? Three times what I can currently do.. Lucy's fault, as these things always are really.  The thought of running that far scares me.  The thought of training on a warm treadmill during a cold winter appeals (last winter on my bike was bitter!).  Did I mention that running that far scares me? Having a common training goal with Lucy again REALLY appeals. Its 50/50 right now.  I just don't know what I want to do - all I am sure of is that I need a goal to motivate me.

So there we have it.  Happy weekend Clanettes, have a good one x x


  1. Running may scare you, but you're doing a good job with all your training at the moment. It sounds like doing a half-marathon with the right amount of practice will be no problem for you.
    You're doing a terrific job with your exercise and your pre-op organization!

    Hope everything goes smoothly :)