Sunday, September 9, 2012

The first RAB weekend

Good news Clanettes, we have completed day 2 of RAB and we are on form!  I say 'we' and you know that I actually mean Paul, but 'we' are a team, so its allowed!  Yesterday he cycled from Lands End to Oakehampton, and today from Oakehampton to Bath.  Apparently Cheddar Gorge was amazing.
The kidlets and I updated the map after we spoke to him yesterday and today - Hello Mr Map! I think they are making a grasp of understanding what Paul is doing.  It still blows me away!

If you are interested in taking a look at Pauls blog, he is trying to update it daily and you can find it here - all RAB info can be found here!

We have had a lovely weekend at my parents house in Reading, and it was a great distraction.  Not least because of some particularly gorgeous food (Salmon was amazing Mama, thank you!) and some spectacular Sauvignon Blanc (Thanks Papa!).  The Kidlets had plenty to do and I managed to squeeze in a run and a bike ride (even though I decided not to take my bike - more on that next time) and spend some quality time with my sister.  Good good!
Garden Olympics - the view from my parents upstairs
Banana Smoothy - if you have never frozen your over-ripe bananas, then blended them with milk and honey, YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED!
I hope you have all had a good weekend and are set for a mad week of RAB watch, mince meat making and avoiding single minded madness - JOKE!

My last comment is for Paul.  'Ordinary' people don't cycle 'End to End' Paul, let alone in 9 days.  It isn't in their dreams, let alone their wildest dreams.  'Ordinary' people can't comprehend the training, the determination, the challenge I guess.  Don't doubt your support.  Everyone is cheering you on and being so expressive because you are extraordinary and you are doing an amazing thing.  We love you beyond expression.  Tomorrow you have one job - KILL IT.  Night night x x

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  1. My word, when you lay out the map and draw the lines on it really highlights how epic a journey Paul is undertaking doesn't it? Amazing! I'm intrigued by this ferezing old babananas to makes future smoothies idea - I can't bare them when they get too far and usually end up giving them away!