Thursday, September 27, 2012


We are lucky enough to have private health care with Paul's work, so on Tuesday I was a day patient at the Gyne Choice Clinic, at the Nuffield Hospital in Chandlers Ford.  I have stayed in worse hotels!  From start to finish the care was amazing, and I can't think of a single negative about my experience - apart from maybe the compulsory bed socks and nightie!
We arrived at 7.30am and I was shown to my en suite bedroom, where a gown and mini wash bag lay waiting on the bed.  Stupidly I hadn't thought to take my piercings out or remove my nail varnish, so that when we arrived I had to spend some time de-metalling myself! We spent the morning hanging about and watching tv, whilst various nurses came in and checked my blood pressure etc.

I talked about the problems I have been having in this post here.  I was admitted for a general anaesthetic to have a rummage round my uterus.  I had two procedures - a Laparoscopy and a Hysteroscopy.  Both to check my internal workings, then I opted to have the Mirena Coil fitted. Everything has come back as normal, which is great news and I am waiting for a follow up appointment.

So that's the detail out of the way.  I am left with 2 small wounds - one in my belly button and the other in my bikini line - stomach ache and lots of pain in my shoulder, which I'm assured is just air from the inflation of my womb!

Lets move onto the good stuff!  Food! I got to select my afternoon meal and I don't know if you can see the menu above, but there was a lot to choose from.  Paul and I discussed my choices at length.. In the end I opted for Mushroom Soup with bread and a roll, and then a roasted veg and cream cheese chiabatta, all washed down with coffee. It was devine!

Paul and Niamh went to collect the biglets once I was back from recovery and my meal had been requested.  I was left in a warm cocoon and I ate my lunch/tea whilst watching 'Deal or No Deal'.  I hardly get the opportunity to watch it anymore, but it holds such a silly special place in my heart.  When I was pregnant with Lochie, so 6 years ago now, I got into the habit of watching it at 4pm when I went on maternity leave.  Then when I went over-due I remember watching it whilst cross stitching a baby name for him.  Then the afternoon I went into labour with him, the realisation I was in labour only dawned on me half way through 'Deal or No Deal'. So it was lovely to lie in a warm post anaesthetic haze and reminisce to myself through a tv programme :-) So that's why I took a photo of the view from my bed!
Fingers crossed that's the worst of it over now.  There is nothing sinister going on with my insides, everything has been thoroughly checked.  Now I have the mirena, I am hopeful that my periods will get less again and I can truly become the athlete I aspire to be - ALL OF THE TIME.

And speaking of being an athlete, I may not be up to training this week, but I am looking forward to my first session back!  A few weeks ago, Paul won a Motoactv Fitness Tracker through a magazine submission he wrote. He hasn't really used it - he is a garmin boy through and through! So today we restored the factory settings and it became mine.

Hello tracking my runs!!  Hello music!  Hello Moto :-)


  1. Your hospital stay sounds almost like a spa break! Glad to hear it was untraumatic and hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. Glad you are recovering well. Love the pictures - lush stocking, very well modelled! And nice bit of kit... shall look forward to seeing your workouts again soon xx

  3. I have 2 words for you...