Saturday, September 1, 2012

Team Christie Tracks RAB

We are on T-6 and Paul has started sorting his kit in earnest this morning.  The list of paraphernalia for his personal first aid kit is impressive!!  Still, with 700 participants, I guess RAB can't be responsible for dishing out paracetamol and the like to each rider.

With special thanks to our amazing friend Erika, we now have a mahoosive map which Paul marked up with the base camps this morning.  Clanettes, say hello to the map - you're going to be seeing a lot of it!
Hello Mr Map!

Paul's route is as follows:
Day 1: Lands End to Okehampton. 104 miles - 4443ft of climbing
Day 2: Okehampton to Bath. 106 miles - 3609ft of climbing
Day 3: Bath to Ludlow.  96 miles - 2528ft of climbing
Day 4: Ludlow to Manchester. 104 miles - 1083ft of climbing
Day 5: Manchester to Penrith. 101 miles - 2745ft of climbing
Day 6: Penrith to Glasgow. 98 miles - 1377ft of climbing
Day 7: Glasgow to Fort William. 126 miles - 3925ft of climbing
Day 8: Fort William to Kyle of Sutherland. 109 miles - 2909ft of climbing
Day 9: Kyle of Sutherland to John O'Groats. 103 miles - 2395ft of climbing

To try and give the kidlets an idea of distance, we pointed out where we live and then where my parents live and talked about it being 50 miles and that taking 1 hr in the car..  I'm not sure they understand, but hey ho, this is all about making Daddy's achievement memorable for them, not them understanding the actual nitty gritty.

So then we set to.  Paul and the Kidlets place spotting, me on the computer on googlemaps directing them.  The idea is that each evening Paul is away, we will skype or telephone him and draw a line from one base camp to the next so they get an impression of where he is.
I know the distance, I understand the mileage, but seeing it marked on an actual map is mind blowing.  Here at the bottom of this section of the map you can see Penrith marked in Cumbria - on day 6 he is cycling all the way up and out of Cumbria, through Dumfries and Galloway, and all the way through and to the end of South Lanarkshire to Glasgow..  I don't quite understand it.  I mean I do, obviously.  But I can't imagine it..  On a bicycle..  You know?!

Wowsers.  Just how amazing is my husband.  Love you bestest Christofferson x x x

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  1. Its almost too huge a distance to comprehend on a bike ... the furthest I have been is to meon and back!