Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summary on Sunday

Hello Clanettes. 
Its been a quiet week. I have been full of rest and re-couperation and I am looking forward to putting this week behind me, and moving forward into October.

We have had a busy weekend - here is a snap shot in photos!

A trip to the park on Saturday for Bebe to trial a new bike without stabilisers..

Lochie, just like his Daddy, loving any oportunity to get out on his bike
Niamhy New - she who strung the words 'more' and 'please' together this weekend.  Love this age.
Then, because you know cycling isn't enough for us Christies, a jog was the order of the day.  Lochie did 1km at the same pace I do..  Something needs work!

Beautiful Brenna Broc

Sisters having a jog
Turkey bolognaise, corn on the cob and brocolli went down a treat this lunch time!
Bebe starts having lunch at school tomorrow, so today we baked chocolate flap jack to go in their packed lunch. Thank you to Jo for passing on the recipe - it is delicious!

Its tradition for The Christies to swap Sabbat wreaths with The Tippers, and I mention it frequently - particularly in this post here.  Anyway, this week Lucy was her amazing and generous self and not only furnished my front door with an amazing autumnally perfect wreath for Mabon, but she also did her own because I was dis-organised, re-couperating and pathetic. Thank you Lucy x x
And then, because we all know I am on a quest to find the perfect cup of herbal tea (in a glass tankard!) - the lovely Vikki spoiled me this week with two new varieties.  Echinacea for healing and a chilli version of my usual chai - yummers!

I also wanted to give some mahoosive exercise related shout outs!! 

To Paul.  I am going to need you to motivate me round next week! I really want to do it as fast as I can.  No matter what I might say on the day - I can and I will.  Love you x x

To Lucy. For running 10 miles.  Mind blowing.  I am so very very proud of you x x

To Rachel. Here's to cycling, to hills, to turbo training and to glasses of wine. Here's to the 21st of October x x

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