Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coming clean

Hello hello.  This is a really quick and short post to say that I haven't been feeling very well, and its one thing for me to blog about my training achievements and ambitions, to talk about what my family are doing and planning, and then to glibly ignore myself - the real me.  I know some of you who know me in real life read this and wonder about me - namely you Mama!

So. Here it is.  I think I have briefly mentioned that I went for an ultra sound scan a few weeks ago?  Obviously it was good news, and there is nothing sinister lurking in my uterus, big whoop!  However, there is something wrong with me, I know myself and I am just not right.

Symptoms started in April, and month on month now my period has got heavier and heavier.  To the point where I now can't exercise for a couple of days each month, because my bleeding is so heavy.  I was given drugs to stem the flow. I can't schedule a race or an event anywhere near when I am due on. For the week before and the week of my period I get hideous world stopping migraines - exacerbated by exercise.  This month, joy of joys, I have had monstrous cramping.  So bad in fact that I fainted at the beginning of the week - lets be clear here, it was a Hollywood swoon, I was not a sack of falling potatoes.

Paul took me to the dr yet again, this time all 5 of us sat in there and I cried.  Finally, someone has taken notice of me. I had full spectrum blood tests taken yesterday, results tomorrow.  More importantly, I have been referred to a gynecologist and as we are going privately, I have an appointment next Thursday.

Whats really frustrating is that I am like Jekyll and Hyde - 2 weeks out of 4 I am the athlete I aspire to be, the other 2 weeks out of 4 I struggle to accomplish normal daily chores.

There.  Done.  Written.  Normal service will be resumed later with my usual 'What I Ate Wednesday' post.  Thanks for reading x x


  1. Sorry you've been feeling poorly.
    I can relate to those issues - but I know mine are triggered by several (and some quite large) uterine fibroids. I hope you find a way to find some relief.

  2. You are kind, thank you for taking the time to let me know you read my post. I hope you are feeling better now x

  3. Bloody hell! Looking forward to a proper catch up - feels a bit wierd asking more via your blog ... :) xxx