Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Its what I ate Wednesday peeps :-) 
Bet you can't guess what I had for breakfast!!
Oh yes, the breakfast of champions - porridge, banana and apple juice!
Apple and Chai tea mid morning - today is that annoying day when the shopping is due tomorrow and you have plenty of 'dry' food in, but nothing fresh and I prowled around quite some time checking that no strawberries or other had appeared in the fridge!
For lunch, despite what it may look like,  I had a jacket potato with a teeny amount of left over turkey bolognaise sauce and some grated cheese.  I made the bolognaise kidlet friendly - i.e grated the carrot and onion, and effectively made a smooth texture-less sauce.. Weird to look at, but tasty nonetheless - and no, they still didn't eat it!
Followed by yogurt with honey and a granola bar and then that was followed by numerous jelly dummies...  Arrgghhhhh!  These things are more addictive than cocaine.  My Grandma gives the kidlets a packet or 2 every few weeks..  but guess who eats most of them!  Seriously, if they are in the house and the packet is open I have to dish them out pretty quick or I forget to share them..!!  
For Dinner we had stir fry - I grated carrot, sliced pepper and par boiled some green beans, together with chopped chicken breast and a peanut sauce.
Together with noodles, prawn crackers and chilli dipping sauce.  Paul always says I come up trumps with dinner the night before the shopping arrives - tonight I agree!
Vikki, the amazing baker of the gingerbread skulls last week had created chocolate dipped shortbread giraffes for their birthday trip to the zoo - we were the lucky recipients of a few of the herd - YUMMERS!  

And remember - ALL herbal tea should be served specifically in a glass cup/tankard, thus making the drink 'special'.  Herbal tea is 'special' because it makes you feel virtuous.  I like to drink out of a glass half pint tankard, so I get to feel like a warrior in a tavern - virtuously obv.!

And 3 things to finish - kind of like those last bits on the credits of films that you miss if you leave early...  Because you know I am just the coooolest Christie cat, here I am today, wearing a mask Brenna made me in school...
Some amazing stats Paul noted about his RAB experience..
My Ride Across Britain Garmin stats are finally uploaded, I...
cycled 982 miles
sat in the saddle for 64hrs 52 mins
climbed a total of 49078ft
averaged 15.1mph over the 9 days
burnt roughly 73000 calories
And that extra extra dull bit that those really annoying films have... My day surgery has been scheduled for next Tuesday the 25th - here's to getting it all over with!
Happy What I Ate Wednesday Clanettes x x x


  1. Those chocolate dipped shortbread giraffes are too cute! And look delicious. Glad to connect with you through wiaw!

  2. Wow, that's an amazing ride! It's unbelievable. Also, I just bought some gummies too! Mmm.

  3. Thanks Mommy Run Fast - they were too cute to keep in a plastic box, they didn't last long :-)

  4. Hi Julie, thank you for taking the time to comment - Paul and his cycling, together with gummies, are both a serious downfall of mine! Lol!

  5. Everything looks delicious!
    Almost 65 hours on the saddle for Paul - super-impressive!!