Monday, September 3, 2012

Get Fit, Feel Epic - week 1

Clanettes!!  Did you know that today is the first day of an 8 week challenge I am excited to be taking part in over at Weight Wars ?

For the first week Rebecca, our host, has asked for the following:-
1 Set yourself 5 measurable goals. Don't forget to get working on them!
2 To ease you in gently do something that makes you feel amazing, a million bucks. Photograph and report back either in next weeks post or a separate post. 

So, 5 measurable goals.. Goals I’m good with, I love a good goal, but measuring it along the way?! This needs thought! Given that I am already in love with cycling and running and swimming, and I have committed to a sprint triathlon on 29th Sept and then a 66 mile Sportive on the 06th Oct I think perhaps I can make my goals based on training.   

I am content with my cycling ability, I could do with running a little further or a little faster maybe, and my swimming stroke definitely needs work, but on the whole I am happy.
Ok – following Rebecca's advice, I have tried to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound goals.. Aim high Sarah!

1) I am going to cycle 300 miles during the 8 weeks. This is 'only' 37 miles a week and I think I can achieve this, by structuring my workouts and cycling in the gym if I can’t get out on my bike.

2) I am going to run 60km (37 miles) in the next 8 weeks.  I would normally get one 5km run in a week on a good week, and this goal requires 7.5km a week.  To ensure I hit my goal I need to do at least one 5km and another half by running in the day with Niamh – or, shock horror, running a bit further.   Speed is not my goal here, just consistency, and I think I can achieve this.

3) I will swim at least 12 times during the challenge.  I will make the most of the pool opening times and ensure I get my practice in.  I would like to increase the amount of time I can sustain front crawl – currently I can swim 1 length front crawl and rest for 3 lengths of breast stroke.

4) Yoga. I will make sure I get out of bed early enough (i.e. when the alarm goes off!) to do 15 minutes of yoga BEFORE I do anything else that day, at least 5 mornings out of 7.  Yoga makes me feel good, strengthens my soul and I feel even better when I do it absolute first thing.

5) Eat right.  I have lost a lot of weight this year, nearly 3.5st, I am currently hovering just above my goal weight and I am happy with this for the moment.  I need to get out of the slimming mind set I have got myself into and start eating to maintain and support an active lifestyle..  This is going to be my biggest challenge I think.  I don't really have a clue where to start!! So, I am going to eat more protein, eat less 'fat free' and think more 'good fat' and have a go at sharing my weekly food overview via 'my fitness pal'.

As for something that makes me feel like a million bucks?  Pedicure.  Simples.


  1. 3.5 Stone! That's amazing, hope for me yet :-) Good luck with the challenge I'm looking forward to everyone's updates.

  2. Thank you! It's been an amazing year. Good luck too - I'm looking forward to it as well x

  3. Dropping by from GFFE! I'm loving your eating right goal. I've recently ditched low fat high sugar/artificial sweetener products and have introduced more healthy fats and have definitely felt better for it and seen a change in my body. Looking forward to doing this challenge with you.

  4. Hi Nikki, thanks for taking the time to comment! Its good to hear that making a food change can make a difference. Good luck with your challenges x

  5. Nice pedicure! It's been lovely to find your blog and your goals. Best of luck with the challenge:)

  6. Welcome to the challenge :) If you are interested in increasing good fats etc check out - I eat like this all the time (when not shovelling sugar in) and I feel great on plan.

  7. Hi :) Stopping by from Get Fit, Feel Epic! Wow, dropping 3.5 stones is amazing! Good luck reaching your goals for the challenge. I look forward to reading about your progress :)

  8. Just stopping by to say hello! I am doing the challenge too! Added your blog to my google reader, looking forward to getting to know you! Best of luck!

  9. Hi plum petals! Thanks very much, good luck to you too x

  10. Hello Chantelle, good to connect with you! Thanks for takingthe time to comment. I look forward to sharing it with you. Good luck!